Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't believe it! It was so hot on the deck today that I had to come inside! Fortunately, the Sox were playing and there were basketball games on so I could flip channels.

Jerry Remy is back in the booth and it sounds SO GOOD! I am so happy to have him back, and in tip-top shape too!

I made hot dogs and ate out on the deck, before the heat got me. It felt like summer. The maple tree looks like it's about to burst into leaves any second. It was so nice.

Tomorrow the Huskies play (the women) at noon. I don't know what the weather is going to be like...but I know I'll be here watching them.

I have to figure out something to do for that deck to provide shade. I think I'll see if Frank can help me set up a "sail" out there to block the noon to afternoon shade. They aren't that expensive and I have seen them in use at other places. We would just have to put a post up on the deck to extend the sail up in the air. I think we can figure something out.

We have great minds, after all. I think I'll get a beige sail...or a green one...whichever...they filter the sun and it will look nice and let us enjoy the deck for more hours.

Looking forward to whiling away HOURS on the deck. He he...

Nighty Night and GO HUSKIES!!!

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