Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm joining the Brave New World...again. As I type this, I'm downloading Skype on my iPhone. I already downloaded it on my computer. I'm hoping to have it mastered by the time we go to Sweden, so we can call home cheap or free.

It would be cool if Birgitta and Mats downloaded it, then we can talk for I understand it. I figure if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for me! I also think Gail is good enough for me, too! Just kidding.

Not much going on here. Just like clockwork, the diarrhea stopped last night and things are pretty much "normal"....until we start all over next Friday when I have the chemo again.

The Tasmanian Devil came to the house today and gave me an estimate on having the last cottonwood tree taken down and the elm tree in the back trimmed up. He will only charge me $925 to cut it all up, chip up the branches and haul away the wood! GOOD DEAL!

I lay in bed last night, listening to the wind howl, scared to death that the damned poplar cottonwood tree would fall down on the house. He said it is rotten in some spots. The faster it comes down the better, as far as I'm concerned. Sandy isn't too worried about it...she is primarily interested in getting the elm trimmed, so she can get more sun shining on the doggie pool. Here I am worried about basic safety and she has other priorities. He can't come and do the job until the ground dries up a bit.

The yard is quite squishy out there. You sink into the lawn in most spots. Out back, heading for the back fence, there is a river...and beyond the fence we have a huge pond. We are very happy that the house sits on a hill...rising above all the water.

I was listening on the scanner on my iPhone to all the emergency responses to the flooding going on all around this area. Right now I'm listening...apparently some dopes are ignoring the "road closed" signs and are traveling where they shouldn't. They've had to pull three cars out already! One officer just described the expanse of water covering the road in this way: "I'm not kidding, it's about a half mile wide!" YIKES!

I slept late again today. Got up early and had breakfast, then went back to bed when Sandy did. When I got up I felt really good and energetic. So I did laundry, vacuumed the upstairs and cleaned the bathrooms.

Then I rewarded myself by lounging on the chaise in the bedroom, reading my Ozzie Osbourne book. I love that book. Ozzie is hysterical. I love reading about his's a wonder the guy is still alive!

I just ordered Steve Rushin's lastest book. Steve is married to Rebecca Lobo and the two of them are so funny. I loved his writings when he worked for Sports Illustrated. I also follow him on Twitter....his contributions are laugh aloud funny.

I can imagine what life is like at their house. Two wits living together with three kids who seem to be pretty bright and witty (unknowingly) themselves.

Oh, Sandy thinks I'm witty now. Anyway, she's been laughing at my antics lately. I'm sure to engage in antics every once in awhile for her amusement.

OH! And I am the proud owner of two beautiful cashmere sweaters. Dorothy had bought them and never wore them...she gave them to me. One had the tag still on it: $125! Both of them were the same price. Of course, Dorothy got them from Macy's where she worked, so she didn't pay full price for them...but still.....

I've never had cashmere I'm quite excited about this generous gift. I hope I have an occasion to wear one of them soon.

Oh...I'm listening to the scanner and the officer just said he's watching a car out in the middle of all that water...doesn't know if anyone is in it. He's waiting for the fire guys to get there with a boat to go out and do a rescue. Very exciting!

I hope I'm not up all night listening to this stuff. I worked today and now I'm tired...physically....and in a good way...not in a sick way. If you know what I mean.

Okay...I'm recording all the shows I want to watch. I'll watch them tomorrow. For now, I'll climb the stairs to bed.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Good to hear that you're feeling good and have energy. AND you were able to enjoy some sun before the deluge. If I lose enough weight can I borrow your new sweaters sometime? ;-)

Carol said...

Glad you mentioned the Skype thing, I think I just deleted you from my Skype page as I did not know your middle name....I also blocked you...but I will try and send you a message, or you give me a try too, my dkype phone number is 423-438-1291 if that is any help. I've been using this for just over a year, its the best!!