Friday, March 12, 2010

I am remiss in not posting here sooner. But, I am NOT as far behind as Cindy Vasko thinks I am.

I do believe I have already posted that my CA 125 level is down to nine....didn't I? I know I sent an email out about it...some time ago.

Anyway, if I didn't and Cindy is right, here it is...the good news is that my CA125 level is down to nine!

I get the results of Wednesday's CT scan next Thursday when I see Dr. McCourt. I'm hoping that she says I'm "clean as a whistle" down there!

The "lump" that appeared in my abdomen near my stomach area seems to have calmed down. I'm thinking it was more a pulled muscle. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Lynne was nice enough to take me to the CT scan on Wednesday. I was going to try to do it myself, but she was right. I had to take the "tincture of opium" the night before and my brain was not capable of handling the drive. I was very happy she drove.

On the way home, something wonderful happened. The traffic on our usual route was all backed up. Lynne wanted to turn left instead of our usual right and I didn't want to go that way. I wasn't sure of where it would go and didn't want to get lost in downtown Providence. Finally, it looked like we would be stuck in traffic for a long time, so I said, "go ahead.

It turns out this route was FAR better than the route that we have been taking. As a matter of fact, it's the route we took the first time we came to the hospital, the night I was admitted. On that night, it was very confusing to us and seemed very convoluted and out of the way. Later, while I was in the hospital, Sandy found another way to get there and that's the route we have been taking.

The original route (which is the way Lynne took us Wednesday) is actually not as busy as the "new route." I think that it just looked bad that first night because it was dark and rainy and we were a bit distracted, naturally.

So if you are riding or driving with Lynne and she says you should go a different way, you might want to try it. It just might be a better route than the way you want to go! I'm just saying.....

Last night the "Js" Janet, Jessica and Jeremy came over....and Janet's boyfriend Barry came along too. We had a nice dinner and then played Dance Dance Revolution...which I now want to get for the Wii and Rock Band. We had a great time. Barry told me that he works with these guys from Putnam and asked if I know them...Rick Adams, Bob (drawing a blank on the last name...senior moment) and his boss is Jimmy Shaw! Of course I knew all three of them! That thrilled Barry, no end.

I really like Barry and told him he has to come for breakfast some morning with Janet...we'll eat out on the deck and enjoy the nature.

Today I got up early and went with Sandy, Jean and Jean's friend Dorothy to Filomena's in Waterford for lunch. I had the bruschetta and the french onion soup. It was yummy. The others all enjoyed their meals and we said we will have to go again.

After lunch, Dorothy went home and got her West Highland terrier puppy, McGregor (Mac for short). She brought him up to Jean's where we introduced him to Rocky, who we had brought with us.

At first Rocky got his hackles up and snapped at Mac...but then they walked on leashes in the back yard and slowly introduced themselves. When they came in the house, they played all over the living room and chasing each other around down the hall to the bedrooms. They had a great time and both were pooped afterwards. Rocky usually cries in the car...not a peep out of him the whole ride home!

Tomorrow the Tasmanian Devil tree guy will be calling and maybe coming out to give me an estimate for taking down the cottonwood tree and trimming up a big maple in the back. That's my sole responsibility for the day. That, and recording the four UConn Tennessee games that they are replaying on ESPN Classic, starting at 1pm. It will be fun to see the games again...particularly the ones I attended at the time...especially the first 95 game and the championship game in 2000. Very very memorable.

Nighty night!

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