Monday, February 15, 2010

Some things I've noticed

My nails are a lot stronger...and growing longer. I take this as a good sign. Just before I was told that the cancer was back I was wondering about it...because my nails were so rotten. On the cruise Sandy had to remove half of one of my thumbnails for me because it was just chipping and splitting so much. I was afraid that it would go to the "quick" and I would lose the whole thing.

Today I felt very energetic when I got up. First time in a long time. I got dressed and went out and filled all the bird feeders and suet holders and then hauled the trash can and recycle bin back from the street to the garage. Then I went and made my breakfast.

And last night I was able to haul the full trash bin and recycle bin up to the street. By myself.

Another hair is growing back faster than last time. I hope this is not a bad sign, but only a sign of how good Tresemme is. Last time I lost my hair I didn't use Tresemme until my hair was really growing. This time I had it to use right from the get-go. Janet had told me that Tresemme is really good for these kinds of things. I hope it's the shampoo that's doing it and it's not a sign that the chemo isn't working.

Next treatment should be a wicked one. The third one and the sixth one usually are. If it's not, I'm really going to wonder. Unless when I see Dr. McCourt next week she tells me the good news that my CA 125 has gone down. When I got the results of the first test that they did after my surgery, my level had gone up from 63 pre-surgery to 95 post surgery. I expected it would go up, due to the fact that the cancer is fast-growing. I was happy that it hadn't gone over 100.

This time the test will show the results of the first chemo. Last time around it dropped significantly. I expect it to do so again this time.

And I look forward to Round # 3 kicking my ass. I welcome it!

I also am looking forward to being able to work out in the yard and come in, all sweaty and dirty. That's sounding really good to me.

And, as soon as I am able, I'm going to haul those boxes of old work stuff I have upstairs and in the cellar out and get rid of it. That's going to be good too.

I have a plan.

Later! GO HUSKIES! Beat Oklahoma!

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