Thursday, December 31, 2009

No UTI...test came back I guess these symptoms I've been having are something else. My sleep difficulties continue, so I guess I'll be up for watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper welcome the New Year tonight on CNN. I love Kathy, so it won't be a sacrifice for me or anything like that.

I sat up and watched "The Wrestler" last night in the bedroom. I watched about half of it. It is a GREAT movie. I can't wait to see the other half. Micky Rourke is really great in this movie....he looks so different! I can't remember ever seeing a movie he did that I liked....I'm really enjoying this one.

Sandy rented "El Camino" from Netflix. I wasn't in the mood to see it today. I did want to see this movie when it first came out. Now I find I have to work myself up to see it.

We got about four inches of snow today. It's pretty out there, with the lights and all. Sandy was able to snowblow the driveway and paths for the dogs in less than an hour. Love that snowblower!

Sandy is working tonight. We hope to be able to get-together with Janet, Jess and Jere Saturday night. Maybe Barry will join them. We have gotten together around New Years for several years now...usually fighting over board games, particularly Cranium. I get so competitive and they get silly and I get pissed because I think they aren't taking the game seriously, which of course, they aren't. They laugh at me and I get more irrational. It's loads of fun...that dynamic never quits and is always loads of fun!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010, seems so weird to write looks sci-fi almost.

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