Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was great, quiet, but very nice. Jean and Frank came up Christmas Day, with a prime rib dinner that was delish! We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Jean brought up tins and tins of cookies for us to have when people drop by. Fortunately, people have not been dropping by, so we've been eating all the cookies.

Sandy got her iPhone activated and then went nuts yesterday, downloading apps and ringtones and in general, having a blast playing with it. She loves it now. Last night we lay in bed, each of us with our respective phones, watching the penquins in the aquarium in Japan (on the LiveCam app) and playing Bejeweled Blitz...and losing, of course.

I love that LiveCam app. Every night I check the front desk at that Russian hotel, to see who's working. There are two young women there who seem to like their jobs. They are always smiling and laughing, even when the customers aren't around. I love "spying" on them.

Today I go to the dentist to get that tooth fixed, hopefully. Then we'll swing by Jean's to pick up meat loaf that she's made for us and then over to Lynne's to drop off a tin of cookies from Jean and a little something-something from us. Lynne has been so faithful to us this past year. She's gone through some hard times herself, but has never wavered in her support of us. We really appreciate all she's done to help me and help Sandy. It's been tough at times, but it's always been fun too!

Maria and Phil and Renee and Austin came down on Saturday, bringing gifts from the family. We had a nice visit and had some laughs. After they left I crawled upstairs and slept for two hours. Did the same thing yesterday and I think I should be napping every day. I'm just so tired, all the time. If I go too long, I get feeling really sick. Sleeping makes it so much better.

When I go up to bed, my little boy, Rocky, is right with me. He climbs up on the bed, kisses me and then goes under the covers, snuggling right up to me. It makes me feel so good. Bubbles comes to bed with me too, but she always goes down by my feet. Rocky stays up near the pillow and lets me put my arm around him. It's so comforting and I slip right into a deep sleep.

The weather doesn't know what to do with itself. Since I've been sitting here it has rained, snowed and now the sun is out nice and bright. Make up my mind!

Oh, I slept until 11:30, it's now 1:30 and I could go back to sleep already. And I still have to go to the dentist, etc. PLEASE!

Huskies play tonight...I have to nap when I get home so I can watch them. Or maybe I'll record it and watch it later.

Go Huskies!!!

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