Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to see Dr. McCourt tomorrow to find out when chemo will start. I'm hoping mid-January.

I got my tooth fixed yesterday, didn't even need novacaine (I'm such a tough gal!)....and they got me an appointment to get my teeth cleaned on Jan 8th. I would go at 9am...so I have time before we are scheduled to leave for Maine. I'll go to Ogunquit with clean teeth!

Went over to Lynne's after the dentist and got to see her lovely decorations. She always has the house so nicely decorated with both Christmas and Hannukah items.

So that was my big outing for the day...oh, and going to Jean's where I made myself a half of a liverwurst sandwich!

I came home, exhausted and feeling a bit sick from being exhausted. Took a little nap in the recliner while Sandy made supper (reheated the meatloaf and macaroni and cheese that Jean made)...we had supper while we watched the Huskies...who had a little trouble dispatching Florida State.

Talked to Richard last night, he brought me up to speed on his doings. I am so proud of him...he is still not smoking and he is working lots of hours for the catering company...keeping busy, so he hasn't gained weight as people generally do when they quit smoking. So proud of him. He is really happy and I am very happy for him.

I have really been enjoying listening to the History of Howard Stern on Sirius radio this week and last. Some really funny stuff there. Howard is on vacation and they are filling the time with stuff from the old days. It has given me some good laughs.

I can't wait for Howard to get back on the air...want to hear his take on some of the latest news, but I kind of figured out how he will feel about: 1) Paula Abdul regretting her decision to leave Idol. DUH! Howard said she was stupid to leave in the first place...she was getting boatloads of $$$ just to sit there and act stupid....the job was so easy--she did it drugged, or drunk or whatever. Who else was going to pay her that kind of money to come to work under the influence? No one...and that's what she has found out now. 2) Kate Gosselin was dropped from the talk show they were going to have her co-host with Paula Deen and someone else, in a "View" type format. They dropped her because she is "too controversial"....STUPID!!! That's what Howard would say.....stupid to drop her for being controversial....sure, let's find someone who is so bland and inoffensive that NO ONE will watch the show! How dumb!

It's scary that I seem to have more of a sense of what people will watch than network execs. I knew that Jay Leno would stink it up at 10pm and lo and behold, he's bringing down, not just his show, but the whole network!

I'm not a Kate Gosselin fan, but come on...if she's controversial, people are going to tune in to watch! Even the people who hate her will tune in to see if she screws up! How stupid are they? Too controversial....give me a break!

Sandy and I finally got around to watching the ending of Top Chef and I was so pissed that they got rid of Jen. They really had to reach to come up with a reason for dumping her. It made me so mad I may not watch next season...I'm beginning to think that these shows are rigged...Chef and Project Runway....when Kortu lost that Runway stars show I saw the hypocrisy and how it's rigged.

Okay, I have ranted long enough. That felt good. To rant about things that aren't important in the whole scheme of life...feels good.

Now I will turn to watching some episodes of "Friday Night Lights" that I downloaded from On Demand. Now, that is a great show!

It's 10 degrees here and we have the fireplace going. Nice and toasty in here....I feel sorry for all those people and animals that don't have a nice cozy home like we do. I think of that every time it gets cold like this. We are so fortunate.

Nighty night and stay warm!

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