Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm listening to the Charlie Sheen 911 call on Howard Stern and I have to agree with Howard, how can Hollywood give him awards? How come his workplace isn't considered a hostile work environment? The guy is a monster. Howard says, "he's got enough money to get into therapy, come on, get some help."

Anyway, things have been crappy here. I just don't feel well, very tired, draggy and low grade achy. Almost like I have a flu, but I don't. I stopped taking the pain meds a couple of days ago and seem to be doing fine with that. I'm hoping that the fatigue goes away soon, I'm getting so tired of it! ha ha!

I do have my energy drinks to take to Maine, so I should be able to do just fine this weekend, if I'm still tired. The drinks and taking some naps should work.

We really enjoyed watching the Huskies win their bowl game on Saturday. I was so happy for Coach Edsall and the team, they have been through so much this year, with Jazz Howard being murdered, losing three games by single digits and then winning four in a row at the end of the year. So much fun to watch! Of course the fact that both the men's and the women's basketball teams won the same day made it all the sweeter.

Janet, Jess and Jere came over Saturday night and we had fun playing Beatles Rock Band...first time we've played it. The songs are great and it's so much fun to be singing the "oldies" again. I surprised myself at how much of "I Am the Walrus" I remembered!

Carol and Mark came over for dinner last night for "Little Christmas," we had fish and chips from Occum (the best!) and then pumpkin pie. I tried a little cole slaw last night, with no problems. I'm adding fiber to my diet. Something new I'm trying....

Tomorrow Mary Anne comes over for dinner and another "Little Christmas." It just goes on and on here.....nice!

I got ambitious and made myself walk up to the mailbox. Maybe some physical activity will get me energized. That's what Sandy says anyway, and I tend to believe her.

Now I'm going to go take a nap. I should point out that I got up at noon and here it is 2pm and I'm ready to go to sleep....see what I mean?

UPDATE: Anne Marie called, I start chemo next Friday at 9:30! YAY!!!

Nighty night!

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Carol said...

Hope you can manage to feel a little perkier for the week end....it should be beautiful up there this week end. Jim & I send our hugs to you.