Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Long time no see

Went out to eat at Go Fish last night with the gang. When I go out to eat I usually order fish, since we don't cook it too often at home. So what do I order last night? A pizza. I did have the clam chowder though.

We had a good time and are looking forward to our next get-together in Dec at Judy's house, which will be our annual Holiday party.

MAFO was there last night in her wheelchair. She hasn't moved into her new condo yet, her house is up for sale and she's staying at her daughter's house in Black Point. She has a line in her so she can get IV antibiotics....looks like she gets it all the time. That's because "somehow" she got an infection when they did her operation to repair her broken femur.

Sandy is still fighting the cold she's had for over a week. She hasn't missed work and I worry about her. She has had the chills off and on, which makes me wonder if she has a touch of the flu. It's okay if she does--it would be a mild case and then she'd be over it.

Today she wanted to pull up the gardens and haul and stack wood. I got her up at 11am and immediately felt bad that I did so. She was dragging.

So, I got busy and went out and pulled up the corn stalks, made two of them, one for our mailbox and one for Carol and Mark. Then I had Sandy show me again how to start up the tractor and I hooked up the cart and got busy hauling stuff. I pulled down the wisteria and whatever the mystery foliage is that grows with the wisteria. I hauled that away. It took two loads but I got the wisteria, mystery foliage and the bad corn stalks all hauled and piled up out back.

Then we loaded up the cart with wood from out back and piled it into the ring on the deck. I went and got another two loads and piled it up outside of the garage. We're all set for wood for the winter. We aren't going to use that much wood doesn't heat up the living room like it did in the old house--we don't have a blower unit on this fireplace.

I have been having fun with the i-phone--loading lots of my CDs onto it. I have downloaded some great applications too---and I actually USE them! I even downloaded two new songs...ones I paid for: Kings of Leon--I Could Use Somebody and Black-eyed Peas--"Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night"....those are two current songs I really like. Just when you think that there is no good new music, songs like that come along.

Jeez...Al Martino died. I loved him. He was great in The Godfather Johnny Fontaine. The Godfather "made them an offer they can't refuse" and Johnny got the part in the movie.

Tomorrow we take the dogs to PT...Rocky and Truman. Then the dogs have to go to the vets and get check-ups; nail trims and Rocky is going to have an ID chip implanted. He's the only one of our pets who don't have the ID chip. I think even Mr. Murphy has a chip.

Tonight is "Modern Family" night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. It is so funny....and so well done. It's about time they come up with a great sit-com...I can't stand the crap they've been showing the past few years. I'm so glad I accidentally caught the pilot of this show when we were coming back from Tennessee....I don't miss the show now.

Oh....about the Sox.....WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!

Nighty night....

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Marieps said...

There are too many good shows on Wednesday nights-and nothing on Tuesdays! What's up with that??? Wednesday night is SYTYCD and New Christine and Modern Family and Glee and whatever... DVR is nice but I tend to fall asleep so I record what I'm watching too. Oy!