Saturday, October 17, 2009

If there is a God, and that's a BIG IF.....the Yankees will lose tonight.

Went down to Otis Library for the used book sale and went nuts. Bought 22 paperbacks and a few hard covers. If I had known that they were only charging one lousy dime for each paperback I'd have bought a whole lot more! As it was, my order came to $7.25 and I gave them a $20 and told them to keep it. We all know how they need the money!

Then I went to Walmart and bought myself a connecting cord for my i-phone for the car's auxiliary. I listened to my tunes while I drove around.

Then it was off to Kohl's where I got a whole bunch of neat stuff, including slacks, jeans, and some nice tops. Oh, and a cool corduroy jacket. Like a suit jacket. I also splurged on a griddle that they had on sale. I've been looking for one and I supposed I could have asked for one for Christmas (Jean was pissed when she heard I had bought clothes), I went for the "immediate now" and got the griddle.

Now I'll have to have Maria stay over and make pancakes on the griddle. No more making two pancakes for Sandy or whoever and then having them start to eat while I make my pancakes.
As if this happens all the time.

Sandy looked on the NADAC website and found out that Truman took seventh place in both of his Regular runs! That means he was entitled to placement ribbons, but who knew? They never posted the results so you could tell. They finally posted them on line on the 29th, but didn't tell anyone. Sandy found it by accident! We are very proud of him....

Oh, I came home and ordered a new bedspread set for the guest room. It's blue and brown. Very nice. I saw it at Kohl's and wanted to get it, but they only had the display model and no others. So, I got the bright idea of ordering it online. I'm so smart.

Carol and Mark are having a patio built out back of their house. Carol has been fighting with the contractor, who apparently subcontracted the work. Well, they screwed it up big time. They never did the proper prep work and the patio has a 7.5 inch tilt! They had the guy from Geer's come over and look at it. He did it as a courtesy....brought his transit and checked it. He said the patio should have only a 1.5 inch rise. The way they built it, Carol's wine glass will slip right off the patio table! So now they have had to tell the guy that he needs to rip it all out, level it and build it again.

It will look very nice when it's all done and I look forward to many nice evenings out there. But in the meantime.....Carol is NOT in a good mood!

Tomorrow I might go up to Maria's and hook up her VCR or whatever the hell it is that is disconnected! She wasn't feeling good this AM, so I'll see if she's feeling better before I go. Don't want to get sick now!

Yankees and Angels are still tied. I gotta concentrate on the game.

Nighty night!

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