Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday night....and it's cold!

Guess it was good that I got all that work done the other day. It's been miserable outside ever since. We even had snow flurries here last night!

Today I was supposed to go to Lynne's for lunch, but Sandy wanted me to go to RI to get the dog's dehydrated food as they are running low. She wanted me to go tomorrow, but it's supposed to be raining tomorrow, so I elected to go today. I called Lynne and we will go tomorrow to the used book sale at the Otis Library instead.

The trip to RI was enhanced by music I downloaded onto my i-phone. I finished downloading my CD collection last night. I used the wire Taylor and Ryan left in Sandy's car for their i-pods and I hooked up my phone to my car's auxiliary feature. It was sweet listening first to Anne Murray's Love Songs CD and then to a bunch of songs shuffled. It was a nice mix.

I have downloaded FOUR DAYS worth of music on my phone. It is great...but there is one problem with the i-phone.....the battery isn't worth shit. It drains very quickly and it is a concern. I have done the things they recommend to slow down the draining problem...but some of them are things I'd like to be able to use--like the "locator" feature...which would come in handy if I ever lose the phone...and I just know that I am going to lose it at some point!

Oh...Friday Night Lights is coming back on tv....but only on our satellite company! Wow...we are lucky we chose DirectTV...for some reason they are the only ones to carry the show. We love that is so well done--the characters are very real and the stories are not far-fetched. We're going to be adding that to our recording list.

So tomorrow, it's books, books, books....and maybe on Sunday I'll go to the Flea Market at the Slater Mill. Good rainy day activities. I got some good books the last time I went to the Flea Market, when Maria was with me. I'm reading one of them now: Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor. I have another one: John Grisham's The Street Lawyer waiting for me after I finish the first one. I'm getting back into reading and have been reading a lot lately---reading before I go to bed....which has been keeping me up late!

Today is Katie's birthday. She's 31, which doesn't seem possible. I remember the day she was born....just about everything about it. It was one of the most wonderful days of my life. It's good I didn't know then how things would turn out...that I would lose her and then get her back again. That's life though and I'm happy that she is back in my life.

Right now I have two little doggies on my lap. Rocky and Bubby. Bubbles has been really snarling at Rocky lately....but only at night when I am sitting in the recliner. We have to put her gentle leader on most nights and then she calms down. We have to reinforce her position in the "pack," she must be higher than Rocky. But she carries it too far and the other day she turned on me and snapped twice, just missing my face! We're working with her and she is coming around. Most times she loves Rocky, but at night, when she's tired, she says "no way!" I understand, I'm cranky when I'm tired.

Come tomorrow, we'll have one week until we are off on the cruise. I'm getting so excited and so is Sandy. She told me about a friend from work who lost her passport overboard when she was on a cruise. She's all worried we'll lose (read--Ann will lose hers) our passports! I reminded her that we make copies and put them in each piece of luggage and that we carry ours in their holders around our necks, when we need to carry them! After all I did travel around Italy and Sweden without losing my passport!

Anyway, one more week and we are gone baby gone! YAY!

This morning it was 42 degrees in the bedroom....I did have the fan going in the window. It felt nice under the covers, particularly with Truman at my back, Rocky at my hip and Bubbles behind my knees. A three dog night!

Nighty night!

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Carol said...

Your cruise sounds so nice. I fotget, where are the ports you will be going to? You'll have to send us some photos while on your trip, how fun!! Enjoy!!