Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little bit of excitement here this afternoon. I was up in the bathroom and heard a huge crash. I knew immediately it was a tree coming down and I knew immediately which tree it was. The dead tree in the back corner that we were planning to take down this fall.

Rocky and Truman were out in the yard. Rocky started barking, Truman did not. And, he wouldn't answer when Sandy called. So she went running out, with me not far behind.

Truman was safe. The tree broke off half-way up and the top half was neatly deposited on the other side of the fence, landing a mere foot away from the fence. We were planning on taking this tree down because we were afraid if it fell down, it would knock down the fence. That didn't happen. We were very lucky.

Sunday I went up to Uxbridge to visit Shirley and Gus. Gus started chemo yesterday for cancer of the bladder. I brought him some comfort items and gave them some tips based on things I've learned. I hope he does well, he already has other health concerns that will make it harder for him. We're keeping positive thoughts for him.

Lynne and I went shopping today and I bought an i-Phone, finally. I've been preparing for this and today was the day. They will be shipping it to me in a few days. Lynne showed me all the apps she has and gave me some good tips. I can't wait to start playing with it. I'll probably drive everyone nuts with it.

We hit Kohl's and then went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch. She had the salad bar and I had the avacado quesidilla, which was delicious! Then she had to go back to work and I went to do more shopping....trying to help the economy!

Sox start their play-off games on Thursday. Here's hoping that Papi can continue his success at the plate, the pitching is solid and the rest of the team just does what they do best. It's going to be exciting.

We haven't turned the heat on yet, but last night I did get out the down blanket and put it on the bed.

OH! I got my hair "highlighted" in blond yesterday. It looks good, if I do say so myself. Once, years ago, I had Lorraine color my hair with a Lady Clairol was a disaster, it came out BROWN! This time I had it done by a professional and I like it. I know I had said I would go platinum, but my hairdresser talked me into highlighting...this way I don't have to worry about keeping up dark roots.

So, I'm just about all set for that cruise at the end of the month. I have to get my clothes out and see if I need to make any purchases. I'm getting excited and I think Sandy is too.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Boy have you gone girly girl! Pedicures, highlights! What's next-dresses???? ;-)

SueBear said...

There's nothing wrong with dresses...though I prefer skirts, but that is a proportions thang with me.

Holy moley, Batman, did I say that? LMAO