Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday was Sandy's birthday. We celebrated by getting up early to go have bloodwork done (both of us) at Backus and then race down to L&M for my appointment with Dr. McCourt. She checked me out thoroughly and said everything looked good. Good news!

I am all set to go to chemo tomorrow and then leave on Saturday for Tampa. Sunday we CRUISE!

Tuesday night we (Frank, Jean, Ryan, Sandy and I) went to 99 to celebrate Sandy's bday. We had a great meal there and Ryan and I compared my i-phone and his i-thingy...I can't remember the name of it does everything the i-phone does, except it isn't a phone. He was impressed with my phone. He gave me some tips on battery life and told me that he uses his while it's in the docking station and charges it every night. I have to charge mine just about every night too.

Today I spent a few hours ironing clothes for Sandy and me for the cruise. Sandy was going to do hers herself, but I intervened. She has not a clue about how to iron, it's pathetic really. She would go out with wrinkled clothes if I let her, truth be told. Jean admits she never taught her how to iron, I'll bet Jean just did it for her, as I am doing now.

My mother taught me how to iron....I didn't learn willingly, but she made me iron and I had to do it to her specs....or else! As a result I am very skilled at ironing. It came in handy when I was in basic training, I would barter with my platoon mates...they would make my bed and I would iron their uniforms. I was also great at spit polishing shoes/boots and polishing brass too.

But I digress.

Something I wanted to share: a poop chart.

When I was in the exam room at L&M I saw a hand drawn chart on the wall. I couldn't see all of it because a towel dispenser was in the way, but I sent Sandy over to check it out. It was a poop chart. It ranked poops from one to six and had drawings of each one....from "well-formed" through the "loose" to the "liquid" or the equivalent. I got a good laugh at that one. Sandy had to admit that even she had never seen a chart to describe the various poops.

Imagine being the person who drew that one.

"What did you do today Mommy?" "Oh, I had to draw poops for the doctors to use."

I want THAT job!

I may not get to make another entry here until we return on Election Day. I'll be busy getting tanned, swimming, lounging, eating, drinking, laughing, ziplining, kayaking, eating, tanning, reading, RELAXING!

Nighty night.


Marieps said...

Gonna watch the ALCS tomorrow night? Go Yankees! Heh, heh!

Hey, have a wonderful time. You guys deserve this trip. Sunny skies, being waited on, fun side trips, eating 24 hours a day!

Carol said...

Have a great cruise!! Congrats on the good DR check-up. We'll miss ya!