Saturday, July 25, 2009

Open House stuff

Yesterday it was clean the onerous task to be sure. I can never get drawers back in the fridge. Instead of my usual "if it doesn't fit...force it" way of doing things...this time I waited for Sandy to get up and had her put them back. Somehow she figured it out.

Today I worked out in the front and side yards, weeding and draining the garden pond. The former took the most time and energy...lots o' weeds out there thanks to the rain we've had. I uncovered the little walkway that was obscured by vegetation and I even got into the little side garden between our house and Cliff and Kathy's.

All the while the garden pond drained down, with my rigged up hosing. I had to drain it because the PH was too low...from all the rain. The lady at the "fish place" told me that all I need to do is drain the pond halfway or so and then fill it with well water--which is alkaline enough to raise the PH I did that.

I also moved some of the potted plants in the pond around, to give a better view of the waterfall. In the process, I stepped onto the little shelf in the pond, slipped on the slime and fell INTO THE POND! I laughed my ass off....dragged myself out and kept on working. It actually felt good as the water was cold and I was sweating at the cooled me off.

Oh, last night I spent part of my night sleeping on the floor in the laundry area, while Lily lay a few feet away in the walk-in closet. I put her there because of the thunder storm. Put the lights on in the closet and the laundry room, pulled the blinds in the bathroom all to help mask the flashes of lightning. It worked. She heard the thunder, but it was muted in the closet. She fell asleep pretty fast and I was able to get up from my bed on the floor and go back to my real bed.

Tomorrow I'm filling the prescription Dr. Dodman gave us for her to take when a storm is on its way. We're going to Foxwoods tomorrow night for Cirque de Soliel with Taylor Ryan and Jean. Lily will stay with Frank--as there are storms predicted.

I just hope it doesn't storm tonight....I'm too tired to mess around with the floor sleeping routine. Maybe she will just go in the closet and stay there.

OH! If you are reading this and you are planning on coming to the Open House....DO NOT bring any food, beverages or anything but yourselves and your humor! We have a menu planned that can all be done ahead of time....don't want anyone to bring miscellaneous dishes. Just come and have a good time. If you want to bring something, bring your own lawn chair.....we have chairs and will have some from a church hall...but your chair might be more comfy.

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