Monday, July 27, 2009

Went for my annual dermatology visit today...was told I "look great!" Yay!

Worked out in the front again, weeding. Unbelieveable how those weeds grow....and the rain has certainly helped! I'm going to take Sandy's car tomorrow to get mulch and maybe some more annuals to fill in the blank spaces out there. I bought some big planters of petunias--all different colors on sale at Walmart the other day...for $10 apiece! I may go back and get some more stuff on sale.

I love Ikea....I think most folks know that about me. I love everything about the place and I love the products. Call me cheap and conventional...I don't care. Well...I finally found something I don't like about Ikea.....their Swedish pancake mix!

I love "plattar" the way my mother used to make it...with loads of eggs and milk....and sugar. Well, I thought I'd try the pancake mix. WRONG! You mix it with water and it's supposed to taste like way! It has no sugar in it just tastes flat! I had to load it up with lingonberries and no sugar maple syrup to be able to eat it! Maybe if I add Splenda to MIGHT taste half-way decent. I think I'll donate the other box of it.

Steve is working on a job in Montreal. His second stint in Canada. Also his second incident of trouble with thieves being interested in his truck. Last time they stole his Sirius satellite radio...this time they stole the whole truck! Fortunately, his company is footing the bill for a rental car for him and he has theft coverage on his insurance. He loves that truck and was almost done paying for it. Now he'll have to get a new one.

He should have Sandy do the wheeling and dealing for him. Probably get him an extended cab model for what he paid for the old truck!

Tomorrow I work in the back yard weeding and hacking back the overgrowth. That will be better--there's shade in the back yard. I almost threw myself into the garden pond again, trying to cool off! Instead I set a chair up in the garage and took breaks there in the shade. I felt like a Memere...sitting in the garage and watching the cars go by!

He he. Like a Memere.

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Marieps said...

Like Steve would let Sandy negotiate a truck deal for him!

And why didn't you take a dip in the doggie pool instead of sitting in the garage?