Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soggy Tuesday

Cleaned my car on Sunday....inside and out. Sure wish I knew where we put that chamois I used to have...the car ended up with water spots. It sure looks nice though. Tomorrow it goes in for it's first service...probably just an oil change, I hope.

Richard is going to come with me to chemo next week. I asked, and he said "YES!" YAY! I need to pick his brains about what I need to serve at the open house on the 8th and what I need to do to get the house/yard ready. I'm thinking of planting some annuals in the front yard and pulling a bunch-o-weeds in the back yard.

Mark is going to get folding chairs from his church for us to use and I have to pick some spots for EZ-ups for shade. I'll also need a few tables for the EZ-ups and for under the trees for people to sit around. I'm hoping I can borrow some from neighbors, etc.

Anyway...I'm starting to stress....a little...about the open house. Can't help it. I set up these things and then I stress about them. It will be fun.

Lily had to have "emergency surgery" today. We were up at Tufts for her annual check-up with Dr. Dodman...she and Bubbles go every July for their "check-up from the neck-up." Anyway...Lily yelped when Rocky (who was tagging along) stepped on her foot---it was then we noticed that she had a broken nail. It was sticking up in the air. So, Sandy took her to our vet and then knocked her out and took care of it. Fortunately it was more of a "dry nail" situation....happens sometimes as dogs get older. It wasn't badly broken, it did need a good trimming. And since Lil doesn't tolerate that kind of stuff well, she had to be knocked out to have it done.

She's passed out in her bed now...it's 8:30 pm and Sandy just announced that she's going to bed early and is taking Lil with her. Good luck moving her! Oh...she surprised me and got right up...well...we'll see if she does the stairs.

Some houses in our neighborhood have been broken into. Glad we invested in the alarm system and suddenly glad we have a little dog (Rocky) who barks whenever a leaf drops...or bird flies by and glad we have three other idiots who will frequently join him in woofing at such things.

Last night after I heard about the burglary of the house three doors down--took prescription drugs, jewelry and WINE--left the hard liquor, what's up with that? Anyway, after I heard about that, I let Rockster bark his head off in the yard for about twenty minutes. Seemed like a good message to send.

Hoping the weather clears so I can get some weeding down out front and in the back too. Need to get Sandy to weed whack. She had wanted to do it today so she would have the feeling back in her hands by the time she goes back to work tomorrow night, but the weather didn't cooperate. Maybe I'll try tackling it.

But first I'll go back to the gym. I went again yesterday with Sandy and it went well. Felt good. So, I'm trying to get into an every-other-day routine if I can. Need to rebuild all that muscle I lost. I'm still pretty strong...but I have lost a lot of muscle and I want it back.

I got new athletic shoes at Kohl's yesterday...Asics gels....they feel wonderful. They'll look good flashing up and down on that treadclimber!

I also bought a new kitchen sink (stainless) and a nice brushed nickle faucet at Home Depot. They had a sale, buy a Kohler sink and Kohler faucet and get $30 off. So, I go through the check-out and am walking out of the store when I noticed that I didn't get the $30 off. I go back, tell the woman at the checkout that the sign on the sink said blah blah blah...get $30 off.

She gets a put-out look on her face and calls back to get someone from the dept. to come up. When he gets there she says, AND I QUOTE: "This lady CLAIMS that it says buy a sink and get the faucet free." I said "I DID NOT SAY THAT!!! I said buy a Kohler sink and a Kohler faucet blah blah blah....$30 off." The guy verified that I what I said was right....but he didn't know if you needed a coupon or what and that she had to call some other guy. She calls the guy and says (to no one in particular) "he never answers his phone." Which reaffirms my poor opinion of Home Depot.

Finally Sandy goes back there and finds a coupon for $30 off and then the woman doesn't know how to credit my card with the amount. She screams some women's name, just as I'm going over to another register to throw out a skin sanitizer wipe I had used. I see the woman (who's name was being screamed) react with a "Jesus Christ, what the hell does she want now, she's driving me nuts." Which made me feel vindicated.

That woman couldn't have been more helpful and the woman she sent me to in Customer Service was also very nice and helpful. But that woman on the register was absolutely UNBELIEVEABLE!

Why do I seem to get to meet "those people?"

I guess it makes life interesting. What the hell...it DOES make life interesting.

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