Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whacky Wednesday

It wasn't really whacky...but I needed to put something there to make this seem more interesting.

Busy day, cleaned upstairs--dusting; bathrooms; vaccuum etc. while loads of laundry were getting done. Then I realized I hadn't had breakfast! Had my protein shake and then went out to clean out the pond waterfall pump. I also tested the water in the pond. The Ph is low so I need to get my butt over to the "Fish Place" to get stuff to rectify that.

Then I hung clothes on the new clothesline Sandy put up for me in the "little back yard." I haven't hung clothes on the line in over a year!

Sandy had to get in the new swimming pool that she put get the "docks" for the dogs set up. She puts "tucker totes" that are weighted down and the dogs can swim up on them. She has to put one on top of the other, the water is so deep.

Of course, the dogs see her getting her bathing suit on and right away they are demanding to o swimming. Bubbie stood by the ladder, staring up at the pool....while Truman barked incessantly. Rocky was totally clueless about the whole thing and just sat back and watched.

Sandy took them all in the water after she had the "docks" set up. Rocky wasn't afraid, but he didn't really know what to do. He watched the others and then swam a bit with Sandy holding onto his life jacket. He didn't freak out about the water. I think he will be a swimming Russell.

When we got them out and I took their jackets off, Rocky went spazzola---running around and around in a huge circle, rolling on the ground, throwing himself over the rocks, running and he was on fire! It was hysterical. Of course, Truman had to ruin it by going after Rocky. Sandy had to interfere to protect Rock.

We got some good tips on how to keep Bub and Rocky from vomiting when they ride in the car. First our vet told Sandy that Lavender oil helps calm them. So she got the oil and you rub it on your hands and then over the dogs head. Makes them smell good too!

Then at Dr. Dodman's office yesterday the student vet told us about ginger capsules after Sandy said that Bubbles won't eat the candied ginger any more. We were bummed about that since it did stop her from vomiting. So Sandy got ginger capsules last night and she tried both things today--lavender oil and the ginger when she took the dogs to her mother's tonight. It worked.

Let's hope it keeps on working! I love lavender...I rub it on my neck and hands at night to help me relax to sleep. I think I'll rub lavender oil on my legs on night's when it's storming...Bubbles sleeps under the covers near my legs--it might help her calm down. It wouldn't hurt to put it on Lily too...especially when we have to leave her in her kennel.

Tomorrow will be a day of errands. To Kohl's to buy some athletic wear...I love that Fila top that I saw the other day--with the "media pocket" to tuck your Walk-man in while you work out. I can put my Sirius Stiletto in there and listen to Howard while I'm on the treadclimber. That should make the time pass quickly!

Then it's off to the gym; to the laundromat to wash the comforters; to Mohegan Sun to pick up tickets for Saturday's WNBA All-Star game and then to Stop and Shop. I should be pooped by the time I'm done! But it will be a "good kind" of pooped.

I had a pedicure today--first time I've ever had one. Man oh man, does that feel good! My toes are a bright, fire engine red now and my legs and feet are H-A-P-P-Y!!! I will definitely do that again! I'm going to get Sandy to join me next time. They massage your feet and legs and then when your feet are done and as they are drying, they massage your shoulders with a hot stone and then massage your shoulders, upper back and neck.

I had to drive up to Colchester after the pedicure--to get the car in for service. Otherwise, I think I would have napped in the parking lot at the nail was so relaxing!

Yep, we're doing that again!

Sox are losing to the Rangers....again. Can't wait for this road trip to be over.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Ha,ha-that was a "Idunnomaybeitsme" entry! All the minutia of your day........

Ann Miller said...

Yeah, it's been "that way" for awhile now. No more interesting cancer stuff....guess I should close this place down and start another one---like the "old" AnnieM's Stuff on AOL!

I'm glad my days are filled with minutia...sure beats the other stuff! :)