Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lynne!

Today is Lynne's birthday...we're going to go out and celebrate it next week. So her birthday celebration will go on and on....

Tomorrow they come to hook-up the Direct TV...which means tonight I'm trying to watch all the shows that I have saved on the DVR. Went through the "Rescue Me" and "The Office" episodes, now working on the last chapter of the HBO special on Alzheimer's. It is the second most feared disease in the US, after cancer. I can understand that.

Robin gave me a great massage today, complete with guided imagery that was wonderful! My neck "popped" once and I swear that I felt it "give"....letting go of tension. I think I need at least one more massage to really get it all cleared up. I have to work on not letting my anxiety and tension go to my shoulders and neck....a lifetime habit.

I felt really tired and slightly ill before I went to see Robin...felt good while I was there and then that feeling returned as I drove home. We were supposed to go to Jean's...but I stayed home instead. Bubbles didn't want to go either so the two of us are keeping each other company. However, now she regrets not having gone with Sandy...she is lying on the carpet by the back door, whining. Next time I won't listen when she tries to stay home...she's going.

I called down there and heard that Rocky is busy playing with Nami...they charge at each other and Rocky is so small he can scoot under Nami. I wish I was there to see that. So funny.

MAFO developed an infection and had to go back into surgery. She's back at Bridebrook now, on antibiotics for the next two weeks....then she'll move in with Robin. I'm going to bring down the toilet seat and the grab bar for her to use when she goes to Robin's. Judy called tonight to report all this and let me know that the toilet seat needs to be I'll bring it down next week. She said MAFO's spirits are high. I'll call her tomorrow.

Katie and I have been conversing about the tickets. She's trying to deal with the airlines about the seating assignments. She can't be separated from the kids as they have done on the reservations they sent us. I still don't understand why they did this when they knew the ages of the kids! STUPID!

Suzanne St. Denis called tonight. She is coming tomorrow and will be dropping off two vouchers for six weeks of obedience classes, for our Relay team to donate to the raffle table at the Relay for Life this Saturday. I'm going to put a lot of tickets in to win those vouchers! That's a big prize. I'll be taking Rocky to Obedience classes when she starts up the Beginners class in August, I could use those vouchers. We are also putting together the Doggie Theme basket to raffle...that's always a huge draw at the raffle table. they have lots of great baskets....the Red Sox basket--with tickets to a game in it plus other Red Sox stuff; the spa basket; the scrapbooking basket, etc.

So, if anyone's around NFA on Saturday---drop in and say hi. We'll be in the tent with all the Husky paraphenalia on it...right next to the track. Bring some $$ and buy some raffle tickets...or buy a chance to win a Station 56 (or whatever they call those collectibles) of the Disney Christmas Village collection. We'll be selling chances at the Relay.

Well, I have to concentrate on this Alzheimer's's very interesting.

So I'll say:

Nighty night.

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