Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day and Family Get-togethers

Went to Boston yesterday to pick up Maria. I picked Bob Miller up in Putnam, then we went to Phil's, got him and he drove my car up to Boston. After a brief "pit stop" at Maria's apartment we piled back in the car and headed over to Cafe Polonia....a place where Maria and I had pigged out last fall....just before I got sick.

I remember that I was so tired that day we went to eat there...I thought something was wrong...but I thought it was allergies, or something else. Ever since I've been thinking about going back when I felt healthy. Last night was the night.

We all ordered different things and we shared everything. Maria had pickle soup (delish!); Phil had cabbage soup I think--I didn't try that. I had something called white borscht---it was fabulous! We split a plate of mixed pierogies--cheese, meat, cabbage--it was great. Then for our entrees I had half of a fresh kielbasa-with mustard and horseradish; Bob had one of the specials--a big potato pancake with stuff inside--and a sunny side up egg on top; Maria had a veal cutlet I think and Phil had goulash with a bread thing baked on top.

Suffice it to say we left gorged and happy...after we split two desserts. Bob Miller ate everything on his plate and even finished my soup for me!

We headed home to CT...dropped Phil off and drove to Griswold. Bob went right up to bed right away (it was after 9:30)...trying to ignore Bubbles who was snarling at him and trying to lunge out of my arms to bite him. Poor guy.

Maria and I stayed up a bit late...didn't go to bed until after 11:30. I slept with Rocky at my back and Bubbles behind my knees. Nice.

Bob had to get up at 6:30 this morning...of course. He said "I get up at 7:30 every day." I said, "why the hell couldn't you do that THIS morning?" Of course, Bub is barking like crazy--I had to put her in her kennel.

We multi-tasked in the kitchen, feeding the dogs; searing the meat and getting the barbecue sauce made; and getting breakfast ready for Bob and Maria. Thank goodness Maria helped with the whole thing....we managed to get the pets happy; the ribs cooking in the crock pot and the breakfast served and time to get Bob to church.

We dropped him off at church and we snuck over to the flea market at the Slater Mill...I haven't been there in ages. Bought some paperbacks--mystery stuff and a "true tales from the US Submarine Service" book--and some prized framed photos---the Sports Illustrated cover that has Diana Taurasi and Emeka Okafor on it---from 2004--when both teams won the championships. The other photo is that famous picture of the Three Stooges, dressed in their knickers for golf. I put both up on the mantel and waited to see if Sandy would notice. She did.

Steve and Phil arrived...Austin came with Phil, a nice surprise. We watched the Sox...Bob had fallen asleep in my recliner before they arrived. Then we all had lunch...the ribs were very tender; Steve brought some good cole slaw and Maria had put together a big pasta salad.

Now, if you have managed to stick with this posting to this point, you will be "rewarded" with your second invitation to our house on Saturday, August 8th. We're having an open house that day from 1-5pm. Nothing fancy, we'll be serving hot dogs and hamburgs and related items. Come by...say hello, visit with old friends for awhile and then leave! HA HA! It would be great to see you.

If you stuck with this and know someone who didn't, but who would like to come to the Open House...feel free to let them know about this. I'm not sending out invites...just going to post it in various places and we'll see who shows up.

Here is the address: 60 BMW Drive Griswold CT It's not far down Rte 138 from Ocean State Job Lot...heading towards Voluntown. As a matter of fact, it's the first right after you pass OSJL. About a quarter mile down the road on the right---there will be no street sign....they keep stealing it.

So there...I did it. I invited folks over.

Regarding Father's Dad's memory is failing fast now. He has trouble remembering his grandchildren and I know that it won't be long before he doesn't remember who we are. I got out old pictures from when he was in high school---going to St Mary's Camp--and he loved that. He remembered the people in the pictures, where it was taken, etc. That's how it goes...the old memories remain, but he couldn't remember what we did yesterday today. It's all good. He's happy and that's all that matters. And he finished all that ice cream cone we got him for dessert up at Buttonwood Farm.

Nighty night.

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