Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So ATT sent me the new modem to use. And it didn't work. Then they had a guy come over to get the phone jack turned on....now (allegedly) my computer doesn't recognize the new modem so it can't connect to the internet. Since my PC is the gateway to my wireless network for the two laptops...we can't connect remotely...we have to bring the laptops upstairs and plug the modem directly into them. IT SUCKS!

Hopefully we will get this straightened out....soon! It's a royal pain in the tuchus!

Lynne's Mom fell Saturday night and broke her hip....she had surgery yesterday...hopes to be in rehab somewhere around here in CT on Thursday. Lynne is staying at her Mom's house (in Brooklyn NY) until that happens...so no Ikea and lobster for us today. Her birthday WILL go on and on, just as I predicted!

The Relay was a huge, if somewhat, soggy, success. Jean, Sandy, Lynne, Mary Anne and Carol joined me in the Survivor Lap and then they held a Caretaker Lap and we all walked in that one...that was a nice touch. They gave me a Survivor Pin to go along with my Survivor T-shirt and also "Caretaker pins" to give to people who helped me most. I gave all of them a pin and gave one to Marie too...when she came later in the day---for knitting all those hats. I'm going to give one to Linda too...she made hats and that fabulous "stitches pillow" with all the covers that go with it.

Our team exceeded our goal of $4,000 sometime last week. On Relay day we turned in another $500 or so. And Maria still has to collect from some people! I think we may get close to the $5,000 mark! WOOOHOOO!

We had so many new walkers this year: Tammy and Emily came from Rhode Island...I had met them one day at a chemo session...Tammy and I shared a chemo room; Russ Boulet and his Mom, Bonnie and Bob joined us...although I didn't get to talk to them very much...it was very hectic when they arrived; Annette came and spent most of the night with us...she walked off andon; Suzanne St. Dennis (the area's best dog trainer) walked and had fun--and really helped by donating two eight week sessions of dog obedience classes for the raffles! AND BARB!! WOW!! Barbara Lukens, our real estate agent---and new friend, collected a boat load of donations and walked off and on all night. She took a nap in the middle of the night, got up, walked again then went home. She came back later in the AM to help me pack up the tent, screenhouse and the rest of the equipment. Janet came back and helped too...they are the greatest!

Special thanks to Jessica, Annette, Barb and Charmine who stayed all night and walked through the night. I walked some, but they really walked! I think we had someone on the track all day and night, until about 7am...when I started packing stuff up.

Big thanks to Russ and Co; Steve; Don and Marie; Anne Marie and Suzanne, for walking in the heat...I can't do it!

Maria, Cathy and Karin showed up at 8pm to walk....in the gymnasium it turned out---as the lightning was so bad, they made us all go inside. This is the first year they joined the team. Maybe next year they will stay over night...at the relay or at the house. It was great seeing them there.

I came home, unpacked my car; took a shower and crashed around 11:30 am...woke up at 6pm. Got up and ate...then crashed again...all night. Yesterday I was all wiped out still and just rested. But today I got up and worked outside...in the heat. I trimmed some bushes out front, pulled weeds and generally neatened it up out there. It had gotten to "jungle-like" proportions out there with all the rain, etc. I was able to do more than half of the front in a couple of hours and then stopped as I could feel the heat getting to me. I'll finish it on Thursday. There isn't as much to do as today's job. It did feel good to be working out there again....like a normal human being!

Tomorrow I go to work in Hartford, doing physical exams with the interns coming in for the summer to St. Francis Hospital. Afterwards I will drive up to Enfield to deliver the raffle prize Marie won...a fabulous vacation package to Mt. Monadnock region. It's got everything in it!

Thursday I hope to be back out in the yard...as long as the weather holds.

So, I may not post again here for awhile....maybe not until the ATT situation gets resolved.

CONGRATULATIONS to all my old co-workers who are now officially retired! You're going to LOVE IT!

Nighty night

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