Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday and again it rains!

Okay, it's official...I am SICK of this weather! Good thing it's going to change soon, otherwise I'd have to beat the weatherman senseless!

Yesterday I just sort of collapsed from all the action from last week and the weekend. I know that I'm getting the Avastin when I go for chemo...I have all the side effects back again. They come on strong for a few days right after the chemo and then slowly fade the further away I get from the chemo day...then it's time to get the chemo again. The side effects are manageable...but they are definitely there. The one that gets me the most is the fatigue...but when I look back on it, I was able to do alot despite the fatigue...so it is getting better!

This AM I got out of bed at 10:30 and took the two Sweethearts...Bubbles and Rocky...for a walk. We stayed in the neighborhood...saw only two cars the whole time we walked. Another reason to love this neighborhood...it is so nice for walking. The two of them walked very nicely together, with Rocky out ahead all busy busy busy and Bubbles hanging back next to me, happy. They both spotted a star-nosed mole as we were heading back home--it took all my strength to keep them from pouncing on it....I had pity on the poor thing. It finally figured out how to get back up on the lawn (not MY lawn) and took off. It was a big 'un and I praised the two Russells for spotting it.

We walked for a little over a half hour and it left me tired...not pooped, but tired. I have a ways to go.

I made airline reservations for Katie and the kids to come home next month. Bob and Mike are putting them up at the King's Inn...the little house in Ballouville can't handle three kids and Mom. I can't have them here because of the dogs, so the hotel is the next best thing. I was ticked off to see that the airlines didn't give them seats together. For crying out tears they know that it's a mother and three children! Don't they use their heads? Katie will have to call the airlines and get that straightened out.

We're switching from cable to satellite dish. Metrocast is too expensive and we don't get a lot of what we used to get when we lived in Norwich, yet we're paying more than what we paid there. So, we are switching to ATT--Direct TV and to them for our internet connection too. They sent the new modem and I tried to hook it up. Of course it hooks up to a phone line--not the cable line--and of course, the phone outlet next to the computer doesn't work for some odd reason. So now I have to have ATT come out and activate that outlet. There's always something!

I am thinking about getting us I-phones...the new version. I look on the ATT site and we are eligible for "special rates" on them because we are eligible for upgrade. So I look at their rates---$299! Then I look on the Apple site...they are selling them for $199! Then I check out Walmart's site....$197! What the hell???? Some special rate ATT has....

I got two surprises in the mail this week. First Cathy Deleware sends me two editions of the "Downeast Dog News" a newspaper her sister sent her. You can check it out at downeastdognews.com. It's from Maine, of course, and it has all sorts of articles and information about dogs. I wish we had that much interest in dogs down here...although I hear that the dog park continues to be packed. I think we need another dog park in the immediate area...to help reduce the crowded conditions at the Norwich park. Thanks Cathy and sister! Cathy's sister has dogs and 10 cats! WOW! The most we ever had was six cats and three dogs. Although when I was in high school or college we once had five adult cats and something like 12 kittens! We didn't keep them all though. That was back in the day when people knew nothing about spaying and neutering....

The second surprise arrived in the mail box today...and I have no idea who sent it. The return address said it was from a "sneaky friend" so I THINK it might be someone from our agility club...which is called SNEAK....but then again my first thought was that it was from Sue. The package contains a bag of ginger slices (I eat these just about every day for my stomach); a candy bar of crystallized ginger in dark chocolate---a combination of two of my favorites and a rubber chicken on a key chain kind of thing...it's called the "chicken and egg"....when you squeeze the chicken an egg bulges out of it's butt! So whoever sent this to me knows I eat ginger, love dark chocolate and appreciates crudeness more than the average Joe. I think I'll put the chicken on the strap of my dress purse!

OMG...I just looked closer at the chocolate/ginger bar and it says, "Chocolove" and "a love poem inside"...hmmmmm.......

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a massage with Robin at L&M. It's free because I'm a patient of the clinic there. My neck is still bothering me, although if I take the muscle relaxer before I go to bed, I'm able to fall asleep with no problem. Before, it was so hard to get comfy on the pillow. I know the massage is going to help break up the tension that is in there. I'm going to ask Robin to really lean into it!

We're going to Sandy's Mom's for dinner I think. Actually, I think we're going to be making dinner. And I think I remember Sandy saying something about the kids...so maybe they will be coming up too. I hope so. Ryan graduated from Jr High tonight....it doesn't seem possible.

Okay...I just broke down and tried the chocolate bar. It's VERY good...but the ginger taste doesn't come through as much as I thought it would. There is a love poem inside the wrapper....it's by Theodore Roethke and it's from "The Dream" whatever that is....it's nice.

The plot thickens.

Nighty night!


Marieps said...

Jeez n crow-you're more active the day after your chemo than I am on a normal day!

Go Sox! They're off my "bums" list. For now..........

SueBear said...

'twas not I...but it does come close to my MO, doesn't it? LOL