Thursday, July 2, 2009

Computers in general suck....

Can't live with them...can't shoot them. I finally got the laptops working with the new modem/wireless set-up...but my PC upstair is acting up...horribly! Now the printer doesn't work; I can't get AOL to load...let alone go online; and I can't load my McAfee to see if it's a firewall problem. Guess I'll have to break down and call Dell tomorrow.

We had a hella bad night last night with Lily. It started storming and she went all bull-shit about usual. She paces, panting and drooling all over the place. She climbs up on our bed, shaking the whole bed with her panting. We tried everything, medication, gentle leader, ignoring her, etc. But when she tried to climb UNDER the bed I said "enough!" and went downstairs.

Lily, Bubbles and Rocky came with me. I set up in Sandy's recliner, by the windows with them open so I could hear the rain. It POURED so was like someone was on the roof with a fire hose, I swear.

Well...Lily didn't stop her shenanigans, as if she would just because she was downstairs! She finally went back up and I was able to fall asleep with Bub on my lap and Rocky at my feet. I went back up to bed around 6am and didn't really sleep well at all. The result is that I felt icky all morning.

In the afternoon, the sun came out and I got back out in the front yard, pulling weeds and trimming bushes. It looks great out there, even though I'm not finished. I did make a big dent in the work. It felt good to be out there working...I managed to work for two hours solid.

I think that we are going to put a big kennel upstairs for Lily. When it storms we'll get her in there and cover it up with a blanket to make it dark in there. That's what Carol and Mark do with Landry and it works. She now goes into the kennel when the storm comes. I hope we can find something that works. It hurts to see her so anxious and scared...not to mention how it robs us of sleep.

Lynne's Mom is in rehab now and Lynne is back home. She is exhausted. I hope she can get some rest...she's earned it!

I did well at work yesterday...doing physicals with three students...I thought it would be two but there was an extra student and I ended up working with him. The doctor I worked with was one I have had problems with in the past...I was bummed when I saw that I was stuck with him again...but he and I had a chance to talk a bit and I like him more now. It also helped that he wasn't on the phone or answering his pager the whole time like he has done in the past to me.

Afterwards I drove up to Enfield to Marie and Don's to deliver the prize they won at the Relay Raffle. Thanks to the GPS I was able to find their house...and dropped the package off...they weren't home from work yet.

Because I had noted an accident in the south bound lanes of I 91 on my way up....I asked the GPS to find me an alternate route. It took me through the fields and farms of Ellington...a beautiful ride which reminded me of the summer I went to stay with my best friend Deb Lovett who had moved to Ellington. Then when I got to Vernon I hopped on I84 and headed home from there.

I got a check from work today...nice. Reminds me of how much I want to get back to work.

Well, I'm going to watch Rescue Me that I have saved on the dvr. Love that show!

Nighty night!


Audge said...

Love reading your blogs!

Sue said...

Ah yes, computers drive me nucking futs quite often. My very favorite computer story of all time...well, 'round the time one of my previous computer's was acting up I helped a friend, a computer geek, if you will, clean out his basement. We took old towers and monitors and whatnots to the dump. What's so special 'bout dat, you ask? Well, I got to hurl tower after tower into this bin for old computer equipment. The crash, bang, boom of them landing with finality was VERY THERAPEUTIC! The reverberation of their final demise was matched only by the exuberance of my vocalizations as I tossed them to oblivion. (For some odd reason folks were staring at me.) Sounds like fun 'bout now, doesn't it? I recommend it to anyone going through computer trauma. LMAO