Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday of Long Weekend

Last night I went to the Sun game...sat with Sharon for the last hoo... She is moving to Louisville this weekend. The Sun beat the Liberty and one of the rookies did really good. Amazing for her first game in the pros! Came home, wrote my article, posted it on the site and then crashed in was around half past 12.

I could not knees were hurting, my legs were hurting...everything was hurting and I couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered that it might have something to do with the fact that I "jogged" a mile and a half in 10 minutes on the Wii! This morning I remembered that I didn't do my stretches after exercising...whenever I skip that step I hurt later.

Today I couldn't figure out why my rib cage and abdomen were sore. Finally remembered that I did the boxing game on the Wii yesterday also...probably used muscles that I haven't used in ages.

Oh pain....

Went to get Terry at Green Airport this afternoon. Carol came with me. We had fun gabbing on the way up and once we picked up Terry, we really yacked...all the way back to Griswold. Took Terry to her son Jim's house in Lisbon, dropped her off after we got the tour of the house. I had Jessica, Terry's daughter-in-law, check out my hair. She is a hairdresser. She says it is good quality hair, no need for me to shave it down. She told me about a fellow hairdresser who had breast cancer who's hair came in fuzzy like mine is. She said that her friend's hair is still short, but it is curly now instead of fuzzy.

My hair grows longer every day. Sandy and I are amazed at how fast it is growing. You can almost see the difference from day to day, I swear. Sandy looked at my hair this morning and said she can see that it grew longer overnight.

It is very fuzzy and I love the way it feels. I keep rubbing it...I can't help it, I love it!

Oh, I saw Scott last night at the game. His friend John has had two season's tickets for ages now and Scott and another guy, Barry, take turns using the second ticket. Got to say hi to John too. He gave me a ticket to see the Huskies, years ago, when they were playing in the regional finals at the Hartford Civic Center--back in 2004, Diana's last games in Connecticut. I'll never forget that.

Scott looks good. He's thinking about retiring...went to the information session they had at UConn. I think he should do it...I recommend it to everyone. He will have no problem finding another job, if that's what he wants to do. I'm sure he'll enjoy the free time to play golf too.

Lots of folks have decisions to make. I say to all of them...go for it! Richard called yesterday---he's going to put his papers in...wise decision. I told him he and I need to go kayaking. I'm looking for kayaking buddies. I want to get out on the water.

Rocky continues to recuperate nicely. He insists on going up and down the stairs when you aren't watching. Silly dog. He and Bubbles are getting closer and closer to being best pals. She is getting used to him. They lie on my lap...he puts his head on her back. Yesterday they were kissing each sweet.

Tomorrow night, Lynne, David, Linda and Ted are coming for dinner. I hope they are up for some Rock Band...I'm going to have Sandy bring it down from the spare room. So tomorrow I have to clean the house and then get the supper prepped for their arrival. We're going to eat good and have lots of fun! Too bad it's supposed to rain...I was hoping we could eat outdoors.

Damn, the Sox just lost again to the Mets...Pabs blew the save--gave up a two run homer in the ninth with two outs. They end up losing by one.

Monday Pixie will be coming up for dinner with us. Jean is coming too....and we've invited Carol and maybe Mark will join her. Sandy is going to make her famous swordfish. Yum Yum and Double YUM!

Now I'm going to enjoy the feeling of having a little doggie asleep on my lap.

Happy 30th Birthday Audrey!

Love you!

Nighty night


Audge said...
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Audge said...

Thank you! I'm having a great 5 day birthday weekend!