Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Week ahead

We had a good time at the Russell games yesterday. Bubbles wouldn't go into the tunnel at the "go-to-ground" event....she wanted to cut straight across and go directly to the rat! Suffice it to say, no ribbon for her.

Truman, on the other hand, went right into the tunnel, raced to the rat faster than he ever has in the past....and then turned around and came back...I think he wanted to take the short cut to the rat too!

Bub did pick up a ribbon (third place) for the "barn hunt"....they put a rat in a cylindrical container and hide it in between bales of hay..the dogs have to find it. She found it in three seconds! And she "found it" again as we were leaving and walking by the area....she tore a hole in the fence trying to get at it again!

That's my dog.

Rocky had a ball at the trial....he met lots of new people, including kids....a first for us...we have NEVER allowed strange people or children to pet our Russells...too risky. Rocky, on the other hand, loved it all...and they loved him. He even met new dogs and there was no shenanigans going on between them! UNBELIEVEABLE!

I sat up for a bit last night after I took my pills, watching the Sox...but did make it upstairs for 10:30. Sandy went up a lot she had operated on only two hours of sleep all day.

I awoke in the middle of the night and either it was thundering somewhere in the 30 mile radius or the wind was blowing hard--because Lily was lying on top of me...panting so hard and shaking...the bed was shaking too. I managed to doze on and off under these conditions---I opened the bathroom door so Bubbles could go to her "safe room"....the walk-in closet. That kept her quiet. Not a peep out of the two boys--Truman and Rocky.

This morning Sandy came up to tell me she was going to take Rocky to Waterford, pick Taylor and Ryan up and take them out for was 11:30!! I was shocked! But then I realized I have been doing this lately....sleeping until 11....this was the third day this week.

I have been busier--physically and maybe that accounts for why I am tired. I dunno. Will have to watch this.

Tomorrow I go to Media Day for the CT Sun....will get to see a bunch of players--including the ones they drafted this year. I'll take pictures and have to write some sort of article. If it comes out decent, I'll post a link here.

Tuesday I'll rest. Wednesday we leave for Maine--staying at the Meadowmere. Love that place! We'll do some shopping, eating and walking I'm sure. We are bringing Jean for her birthday. We'll come back later on Thursday...wish we could stay an extra day...but alas, it is not to be. Friday I have the Sun's first exhibition game, they host the Liberty at 7pm and then BAM! We are right back in basketball season! YAY!

I still have a craving for barbecue. I will have to go back to Jason's or to Russell's or maybe check out Chester's...I read a good review of their stuff. Have to find someone to go with me.

Now I'm going to recline, watch the Sox and doze a little...maybe dream a bit of barbecue.

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Carol and Jim said...

Too bad your not in TN, now your talking "Bar-B-Que!! If you ever get down here for trials or something, find a local place and give it a try, Out of this world!