Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Got my flags flying out front.

Yesterday started out slow and ended with a bang. Went back to bed after breakfast..didn't feel well at all. Had a weird thing happen the night before and I still haven't figured it out. Sandy thinks I may have passed out in the recliner...not sleeping passed out, but passed out-passed out.

Whatever it was, I slowly came to...and realized I didn't know what had happened to me. I was soaked with sweat from head to toe and was a huge hot flash. I was VERY confused about everything. I was also very weak. I didn't think I was going to be able to get up from the chair, let alone shut the house down for the night and get upstairs to bed. Sandy had left for work and it was almost midnight! The last I knew it was around 11:15 and I was going to get up from the chair and go to bed.

Anyway, I got upstairs and stripped my clothes off...although it seemed to take all my strength to do so. I got a facecloth, wet it and put it on my head...that cooled me off. Then I collapsed in bed and fell asleep.

So, yesterday I didn't feel well and went back to bed. Got up around noon and got busy cleaning the house for our guests who were coming for dinner. Took plenty of breaks and didn't clean everything...realized this AM that I didn't wipe Murphy's paw prints off the window sills in the living room!

Linda, Ted, David and Lynne arrived at 5pm. Lynne lead the guys on the tour of the yard and house for me so I could get the mussells cooked. We finished off the last of the stuffed Lynne says, "poor planning" on my we have no mussells left for the summer months! I'll have to get Carol to bring her's over.

We had a nice meal, nice conversation and then we all tried our hand at "Rock Band"....even Ted gamely tried the drums. David is a rebel and wouldn't stop banging on the drums....which was a riot---everytime he banged he set something in the program and when we would try to undo it he would bang on them again, making something else happen! It was like dealing with a two year old...made us laugh and yell at the same time.

Lynne acquitted herself well on the bass....showing that she never wants to repeat her famous "One Percent" performance of before. Linda did well on the drums, saving our butts at least once when we were crashing.

Then we put the toys away and chatted about dogs, life and other things. It was a nice night...the only thing that would make it nicer is if we had be able to eat outside and then have a fire in the chiminea. Maybe soon we can do it again.

After everyone left we went right up to bed, we were both exhausted. Sandy read for awhile and I fell asleep immediately, waking up about forty five minutes later.

Then I couldn't get back to sleep....maybe it was the caffeine in the coffee I had with dessert, or maybe it was the combo of wine, steak, cheesecake, etc., but my stomach was very upset. I ended up getting out of bed, going downstairs to get a glass of milk and later, my anti-nausea medications. I came back to bed and sat up for quite a while, before I dared lay flat. Then I slept fitfully the rest of the night.

I have to clean out the pond a bit...especially the water fall pump and the filter...not looking forward to that dirty task.

I have to admit that I have been having some "symptoms" lately that are a bit of a concern to me: some abdominal pains--shooting pains--like I had before; some bloating; and frequent trips to the bathroom to pee. All signs I need to be wary of. Good thing I'm going to see Dr. Lachance this week. I may just have a URI...I'll ask to be tested. I'm hoping, of course, that it's not the tumors coming back again. We'll see.

Sandy thinks maybe I am getting the Avastin and it made my blood pressure drop and that's what made me have that "incident" the other night, whatever it was. I think she may be right...I may have passed didn't feel like when I fall asleep in the recliner---it was different. I'm not used to passing out so I don't know how to recognize when it's happened...not like Sandy. She's almost a professional at passing out! LOL!

Tonight Jean, Pixie, Carol and Mark are coming over for dinner. Mark will eat and go escape "the women"...that's okay. We'd love to have him...he's such a great guy. But we understand. Sandy is making her famous swordfish. YUM!

Now I have to get outdoors in the beautiful weather and get myself absolutely FILTHY cleaning out that pump and filter. Think I'll wear my apron.


SueBear said...

Well, if one is going to pass out, being in a recliner is a very good place to do it, don't ya think? But, you might want to put NOT PASSING OUT on your list of things to do instead.

Apron? Sounds like it'd be a swimsuit kinda a 'just in case' kinda way! LOL Then again, folks do tell me I have a rather interesting approach to life! Cause, now I am thinking, this might be a reason to invest in a wetsuit. LMAO

Marieps said...

I know you'll tell Dr. LaChance about those symptoms-keep us posted please!