Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home from Maine

I could have sworn I did a posting already this week...just looked and the last one was about Saturday! And so much INTERESTING stuff has happened! And I have FORGOTTEN it!

Just kidding. Monday I went to the Sun Media Day and left early....I got wiped out. I don't know what it was, but I got pooped fast. Maybe it's now I have a headache just from taking a whiff of the miniature lilac bush outside by the garden pond.

Tuesday I went down to visit Mary Anne at Bridebrook---I picked up Diane at her house and brought her down with me. MAFO looks good, for someone with a broken leg! She looks healthier than we do...but a lot of that is the great tan she has from wintering in Florida. We look all pasty-faced and ill compared to her.

She has a great attitude...doesn't know yet how much damage was done and doesn't know what they will have to do to fix it. She broke her femur, above her knee replacement!

On Wednesday, we left mid-morning for Maine. Sandy slept a couple of hours before we left--so I drove. I ended up driving the whole way, did all the driving while we were up there and drove all the way back.

We took Jean up for her birthday. We stayed at the Meadowmere, our favorite place in Ogunquit. Jack got us a nice quiet room, right across from where Maria and I stayed in January.

We had a great time, ate some great food and made some great purchases.

I will write more about it tomorrow. I'm not feeling that good tonight...stomach is queasy, head is hurting and eyes are's a combination of being too tired and allergies.

So, I just took all my pills, I'll fall asleep soon, so I better toddle off to bed.

Nighty night!

One thing before I go....wasn't today just the most BEAUTIFUL DAY??? I loved it!

Nighty night....


Marieps said...

I want to know what you purchased! Specifically if you guys got any good buys at Reny's. You had a great 24+ hours to be up there.

Jim Donovan and Carol said...

LOL! You are the Galloping Gourmet of the North East and we totally love listening to your description of restaurants. If we ever get back to CT, you have to plan an eating tour for us!! And I am dying to get to Maine and Jim would love a re-visit...I dream of that trip!