Friday, May 15, 2009

Pick up the pieces!

Wow, my last post garnered five responses!

To follow-up on some of them...Marieps...what can I say, Sandhead the Nurse calls it "pink eye" and the doctor called it "pink eye"....I know it's conjunctivitis...but "pink eye" is what everyone knows it as and it's far more descriptive!

Her eye is fine now, thank you.

Carol, sorry you didn't like the bitches on Real I said, sometimes it's like watching a train this case it's like watching the Sopranos...still my all-time favorite tv show!

Jim, yes it is the place you's Buster's now...used to be Jason's. The food there is really good, in the nice weather it's great to sit at the outside picnic tables and enjoy your meal. It can get really crowded there...the place is very popular.

Sue, tell Joanie to tell her son to not put the "whateverthehellitwas" on MY ribs. Maybe other people love the stuff...I really didn' I'll let them know the next time that I don't want it. It really seemed though as if someone got their hands on the wrong stuff just as my plate was leaving the kitchen! I think they wanted to put extra barbecue sauce on it and got the something else! I should have said something then, but I didn't want my father's wife getting "into it" with the waitress.....

I will definitely go back to Busters....and I really recommend it to everyone. The meat was even juicy and great tasting a couple of days later when I reheated my leftovers for lunch.

I think I'll go back with Lynne and David...when they go for the Monday night special!

Last night the gang from Dempsey came down for supper. My fellow retirees, Mark Ballard, Al Berger and Janine Miles joined them--Tina, Maureen, Russ and Roberta. We had a great time...too bad that it wasn't nice weather--we were stuck inside. I was hoping we could go out on the deck for dinner. We had lots of food...too much. I have two tubs of fresh fruit in my fridge along with Marko's famous chicken wings that were left-over....and I wrapped a boat load of pizza slices--they are tucked away in the freezer. I'm all set for lunch and supper for about a week!

It was so good to see all of them....haven't seen them all together in a long time. Mark looks good with his new knee--he has one of those SPECIAL replacement is one of only about 200 in the US (I think he said 200)...Dr. Joyce did it...and the knee is designed especially for Mark. This is what they are doing now---they take images of your existing knee and design one to be just like it....except that it isn't all damaged! This makes so much sense...everyone's knees sit in their legs different from everyone else's. Forcing you to adapt to a "one-size-fits-all" knee just invites pain and discomfort.

Mark said that the operation and immediate aftermath were a piece of cake....physical therapy is another story...but those of us who have gone to PT know what that means! No pain, no gain. UGH!

Rocky continues to adjust to his new home---not! He adjusted on DAY further adjustment necessary! He and Bubbles are so cute together, lying on my lap, lying on the deck in the sun, snuggled up together. He is doing so much better on his leg and now he is trying to get Bub and Truman to play with him. Truman gets all excited and then it can turn ugly....but Bubbles is looking like she will play with him...soon.

I got my first dates for work---starting August 3rd, which happens to be my birthday! I got quite a few dates in August--doing a dental program. I used to hate doing those, but the dental students have improved and I won't mind working it now. I'm hoping they find a few things for me before that...I need the money!

Tomorrow and Sunday Sandy and I will be taking the three Russells to the Jack Russell Trials in Hebron at the fairgrounds. We've never been there--it's always been at the Elks Club in Glastonbury. Oh well...this is even closer for us. It will be Rocky's first JRT event...but he'll have to remain a participation for him until his leg is healed. Truman and Bub love going to this event....they love going in the tunnel after the rat; finding the rat in the barn; following the scent through the woods and locating the "hidden guinea pig", etc. I don't know if Truman will do lure coursing this year...probably not, due to the problems he's had with his shouder.

We will be seeing Gina tomorrow...she's a friend we made through agility. She lives in Maine and has JRTs. We were thinking of getting a pup from her someday down the road...but now Rocky has come along..... Anyway, it will be great to see Gina and her dogs, Gem and Moby.

I'm typing this as I sit on the deck, the air balmy and quiet...not like yesterday when it was so windy and bitter. I felt for Sandy and Frank as they worked installing the new slate walkway out back. It was really trying weather conditions for them...but they perservered and the result is beautiful! A classy addition to our already classy house!

Now I'm off to fill the birdfeeders and then loaf around for awhile!

Life is GREAT!

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