Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Yep, it may be snowing out there, we may get six inches...who cares? I heard the red-winged blackbirds, trilling their trills, out in the back yard this morning.

Last week I was thinking, "hey, first week of March, that's when the red-wings come back" and lo, and behold! Here they are!

I love that sound...for me, that is the first sign of Spring. It's HERE!

It also means that it's MARCH MADNESS TIME!!! Hence the new photo in the header above!

Of course, we want the mild weather that goes with Spring...and I'm sure we'll get it...soon.

Hey, Billy Mays has a new ad on tv...The Big City Slider Station! Watch for it coming to a TV screen near you! The mini burger sensation that's sweeping the nation! Only $19.99!!!

Here's hoping we don't get a blizzard! I want Sandy to be able to get home safely tomorrow...she just left for work.

Tomorrow I go to the eye doctor and spend a lot of money. I need the graduated lenses and I want them in "transition" lenses....that will cost big bucks, according to Jane...and she should know...she's an optometrist! Maybe I'll have to sacrifice the sunglasses what I really need is the graduated part! I may go back to those magnetic sunglass lenses that stick to the frame.

I have to call ING and find out how much it will cost to close out my account and transfer my money to another company. This company will be communicating more with me; diversifying my money more and will better protect me from this market.

I took a chunk of money out last week--it showed up in my checking account this weekend, so I paid off my credit cards. Tomorrow I will be cancelling two of the four...keeping two. The rest of the money I took out will go toward a good down payment on a new car....I'm pretty sure I am going to go with the Camry hybrid. I love my has been very, very good to me...and I've had it for almost 12 years! I haven't had a car payment in seven years or more!

My goals for the month of March are: to finish my big chemo sessions; get married; buy a new car; do a great job at the Aging Conference; get out to the gym; start walking Bubbles around the neighborhood. I also want Maria to come for a weekend and we will go out with Lynne and David...maybe to the casino.

My goals after that are to watch every second of the Huskies march to the Final Four---both teams; and then to start growing my hair back!

I am getting very ambitious! It's good to have goals.

Nighty night!

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