Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy Day

I went to Backus for my bloodwork this morning....still no greeting, no please or thank you....but she did use my name and didn't make me stand there answering all the questions they usually ask. The phlebotomist again commented about my "poor veins taking a beating" and then the blood wouldn't come out. He had to wiggle the needle around a bit (probably scar tissue) to get the blood to flow.

After that I swung by Olympia's office to see her. She and the nurse were happy to see me, hugs all around. I shared my good news about my CA 125 level and they were excited.

Then I went to Agway and got thistle and thistle bags. They now have the long, heavy duty bags in white. The birds would never come to the black bags of thistle I bought before. They do like the white bags, so hopefully these will work.

On my way home I swung by Kohls to look for dress pants. I need a pair for the Aging conference at least. I was able to buy two pairs of black slacks, one with a faint Size 12 Petite...that fit me nicely. I also got a coral colored light weight jacket type thing--pullover with half zip....I figured that would be good for the cruise.

And I got a nice Chaps brand shirt, in a great pink and blue and some other colors stripe. I used the gift certificate Roxie gave me for Christmas (thanks Roxie!) and my Kohls another 15% off and all I had to pay was $34!! The price of the Chaps shirt alone was $36! Great buys!

Then I came home, reheated the last of the chili, had lunch and collapsed in the recliner. Now I don't feel so hot...I think it's from being tired...haven't taken a nap today--nor did I take one yesterday either--so I think it's all catching up to me.

Will go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow we have to see the tax guy; go grocery shopping (I'll stay in the car) and then we will go out to eat....maybe at The 99 Restaurant. Those fish tacos are calling to me. Some kind of fish anyway....that's what I'm thinking!

I'm hoping my blood counts came up enough that they let me have my scheduled chemo session on Friday. Maybe I should call THEM to double check before I head out there....who knows who they will be calling this time?

Nighty night!

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