Friday, March 6, 2009

In the chemo chair

My fanny made it into the chemo chair. I almost didn't make it as I found out yesterday that they forgot to order a urine test. So we had to go to Providence an hour early to get that job done. My blood counts were up and my pee passed the test.

I had a companion in the room with me, all day. She had ovarian cancer and her counts are dropping fast too. We had a nice chat about how lucky we are, how we are having trouble accepting the fact that we are now chronic cancer patients and how we are dealing with that.

Ran into Dr. Lachance and Dr. DiSivestro as we were leaving, they were just coming in from New London. Dr. Lachance asked me about participating in a study about dreams of cancer patients. It involves keeping a journal--you know how I feel about that---I immediately said I would do it. I have been having strange dreams (and a lot of them) lately. Many of them center on me having hair---oddly enough.

Jean was waiting at the house for us when we got home. She couldn't come with us as she had to take Nami to Ocean State Veterinery Center for a consult for her knee. It turns out Nami tore her cruciate ligament--she stayed there over night and will have surgery tomorrow AM. We're sending good thoughts her way----she's a 10 year old, Staffordshire terrier, a big sweetheart and one of my all time favorite dogs.

An update on some news I posted last week. Maria's friend Larry's Dad who had lung cancer and was going into hospice, passed away last weekend. Larry's Mom is still struggling with breast cancer. Keep those good thoughts going their way.

On a happier note, Jim Donovan got word that he doesn't need any more treatments AT ALL! No more chemo--that he was fearing, and no radiation--which he was expecting to have! They are going to be taking out his trach tube later in the month. So allis going great down there in Tennessee!

I found out today that there is an outside chance I may have to have two more chemo sessions. I thought I was done after the next one, but Dr. Lachance (gratutitous remention of his name) said that there will be another discussion with the "powers-that-be" (my words, not his) about whether or not I need to have a seventh session---as they don't know what "MY normal" CA 125 level is. I feel pretty confident that a score of five will put me in the ball park and I won't have another session after the next one. Especially if the last CA125 test shows that I've dropped below five.

Dr. DiSilvestro told me that they have had someone who dropped to one....which would be a great score to aspire to! I'm hoping I make it!

I was upstairs in bed earlier tonight...right after supper---very tired. Now I'm back downstairs and full of pep---because of the cortisone I'll bet. My knees are hurting from the chemo...but that and being wide-awake are the only side effects thus far.

I am prepared that I will probably be really wiped out again after this session. I can handle it. Tomorrow I'll lounge in my recliner and watch the Huskies play Pitt....then catch as much of the Big East Women's tourney as I can. As I reminded Sandy, it's MARCH MADNESS time, I have plenty of games to keep me occupied if I have to be a "shut-in" this month!!

It's a wonderful time to be a Husky fan! Both teams back at #1!! GO HUSKIES!!

Nighty night...although you may be asleep LONG before I'm able to!

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