Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Not much to report from here, which is fine by me.  Lots of sitting at home, doing chores around here and napping...lots of napping and lots of "I can't wait for bedtime."  I guess I am really tired, a lot.

That goes with the territory they say.  I have made it to the gym a couple of times and felt good while I was there, then would come home and CRASH.  So much for boosting my energy level.  I have to pace myself, save my strength for special occasions.

I did get down to the tile place last week--joined by Lindsay and Charmine.  We picked out the tile for the shower, a matching tile for the floor and a decorative glass tile for the accents.  I am so excited about our choices...it's going to look fabulous in there!  I'm not going to want to leave the bath! 

Sandy and I went Saturday and picked out a vanity top that's a marble composite.   I LOVE it!   We also bought a nice Kohler toilet and it has a great feature...when you put the seat down it drops it down SLOWLY...like those drawer closers that they have nowadays.  We got a "chair height" toilet.  It sits in the garage for now.  We'll install it ourselves after the guys finish all the work. 

Because I ended up getting ceramic tile for the floor instead of vinyl, I can now get heat installed in the floor.  I'm so excited about this.  We have little heat sources in our bathroom now...we usually have to run a little portable heater to keep from having ice forming on our noses.  I know that having warm feet won't stop the ice on the nose phenomenon but at least our feet will be happy!

And, I got paint samples and painted them on the wall, to help us choose the right one.  I'm very happy with the choice we made.  The one we all liked initially just disappeared on the wall...way too light.  Glad I tried the other samples.

I bought a kit to refinish the vanity cabinet.  The color I chose is called "Seaside" oddly enough.  I'm hoping I do the process right and it comes out looking good.  If not...well, I don't know what I'll do!

We are heading to Maine this weekend, leaving Friday AM and returning on Monday.  We'll be going to dock diving in Freeport I think it is.  I'm not paying attention to where, it's enough for me to know that we'll be in Maine. 

We are going to try Rocky at dock diving again...see if he can get over his tentativeness about the other people in the area, the other dogs, the noise, etc.  He's had a whole year of agility and all the confusion that brings to give him more experience.  We know he LOVES the water and he LOVES jumping into the water.

Denise offered her dock at Beach Pond for us to practice with Rocky and we are definitely taking her up on that offer!   It's right down the road and it is a great dock, with noise, people etc around to give him more exposure to those conditions. 

Perhaps dock diving, along with agility, will be Rocky's niche.  He isn't into the regular Russell games.  We want to find something he loves to do. 

We appreciated his reluctance to be like the other Russells the other night when he tentatively followed a huge skunk who was making its way across the yard after having just sprayed Truman in the face.  Sandy called out to Rocky, who turned around with a worried look on his face and promptly trotted back to us.  I corralled Rocky and Bubbles, while Sandy scooped up Truman, who was busy rubbing his face in the dirt, trying to get the stench off.

I mixed up the skunk smell remover formula and Sandy applied it...and IT WORKED!  Truman didn't smell.  Still some lingering whiffs of skunk smell in the guest bath, where she washed him down.  Not bad though for how bad he got hit with the stuff. 

That was our excitement for this week.

Next week we have to start packing up to move out of here while the men do the bathroom renovations.  Should be nerve-wracking.  I still haven't heard from Jim, the contractor.  He was supposed to get in touch with me by now so we could go over the final details.  I did email him and told him the additional jobs I want him to do, including installing the vanity top--if it comes in while they are still here working on the bathroom.  If I don't hear from him by tomorrow night, I'll call.

If I don't hear from Dr. McCourt I'll guess I'll have to call her too.  She was supposed to be looking at the clinical trial protocol and figuring out when I can start chemo.  I want to know when it starts, then I can start planning my calendar.  Since I'll be going for chemo weekly, I need to figure out a lot of things!  I hope they will be flexible about that once a week thing, especially if we are planning to go away in the RV. 

I will not let ANYTHING interfere in our RV trips!   I have my priorities.


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