Thursday, June 14, 2012

Am I great or what?

I am soooooo smart!   I had the whole chemo thing worked out even before the doctor did.

Just as I predicted, I will have to have a CT scan....will get that done next Friday and then I will start the new chemos on the 28th.  EXACTLY what I said!

I will stop crowing now.  UGH...I'm going to have to have chemo this month! 

We leave for Maine tomorrow--coming home Monday.  Hope to convince Rocky to become a "dock dog."   While we are away, Jeremy will be ripping up the carpet in the bathroom...YAY!   He's also going to remove as much of the tile as he can.   It is going to look so different in there when we come home, with that HORRID pink carpeting GONE!

But not as different as the following week, when the guys come to rip things out and put things in!  YAY!!!

So that's the latest from here in HappyLand....


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