Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Having problems with the laptop since I spilled coffee on the keyboard. Al Joslin came and checked it out and then did some research and thinks I need a new power button as it keeps shutting off if I leave it idle for about 16 seconds.

I called the local place that works on Apples and they say they have to do a diagnostic test ($100) to figure out what's wrong. I'm going to have them do that, but will tell them that if it comes out that Al is right and it needs a power button, then I'm not going to pay for the diagnostics!

It's been an up and down situation here lately. Went to cover my first Sun game last week, the day after I went to Steve Bousquet's funeral. I'm still not used to saying that. I can't believe he's gone.

It was a huge wake and a huge funeral....a wonderful tribute to a wonderful human being. One of the best I've ever known. I feel so bad for Katy, Jen and Jeff and all the rest of the family. Such nice people and something horrible happens....it's unbelievable.

I have been doing more lately. Making myself go to bed early and get up early. I make myself move around and keep active. It's good and it's hard at the same time.

Got a bug up my ass about Sandy one day and went on a cleaning and organizing tear...threw out a lot of my stuff, made piles to donate and went through all my drawers sorting and organizing. I feel better but depressed. I don't want to be just like her...with her OCD stuff, but my clutter causes problems even if it isn't that significant. So, I'm making it sterile around here, just the way she likes it.

It's easier that way.

Going to Bob's tomorrow to clean his room some more and get him stuff he needs. I didn't make it last week because I ended up going to Putnam twice in the week, for the wake and then for the funeral. I couldn't take another trip in the week.

I'm changing Father's Day on him...I thought it was the second Sunday in June and made all my plans accordingly...then I find out that it's really the weekend AFTER that...UH-OH! So, I asked the gang if they could do it on the second weekend and they are okay with it. So it will all work out. Good.

Maria is going to come down on the Friday night, we'll go clean out Bob's stuff on Saturday and Sunday we'll take Bob out for dinner and the boys will help us move the boxes. I can't lift them.

I'm sure we will find some treasures in those boxes....I have already found some great things in the stuff I've been able to go through thus far.

Have to find someone who wants those opera and big band 78's that he has. A LOAD of them.

Bob doesn't recognize Loretta in pictures any more. He still recognized my mother and people from long ago. I wonder if he will know who Maria, Phil and Steve are. He sometimes knows who I am, but mostly not.

I go back to see the therapist this Thursday and have plenty to talk about...lots of sadness lately, for obvious and not so obvious reasons.

Oh, I went to my first meeting of the CT Chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and really enjoyed the gang. They are working on a 3k walk/run at Hammonasset State Park on Sept 24th and I'm going to walk/run it. I'm going to start a team-to see how much we can raise. The money goes to raise awareness about the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer...which most people don't know anything about.

I also volunteered to go to health fairs around the state and hand out literature, etc. Most of the women work and aren't always available to cover these events. It's important that we have a presence at the health fairs, so I'm willing to help anyway I can.

I also am going around to different places asking them to post the symptoms of ovarian cancer in their ladies rooms. I hit the Norwich Senior Ctr today and will be getting them up in my gym too. Anywhere I go I'm going to ask if I can leave the literature around for women to see.

Okay...I've typed enough...can't pause or the computer shuts off...so my stream of consciousness is done for tonight...


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