Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting all over again. Eating two eggs and a cup o' joe for breakfast this AM. Huffed and puffed and had sweat running in my eyes yesterday at the gym.

It felt good being at the gym. Until about an hour later...when I went into the "coma." This has happened several times before, when I return from the gym I go into a fugue state, where I lie prostrate on the recliner and can't move or react to things.

Fortunately, Sandy was outside, pulling weeds with the dogs, and didn't bother me when I was in that state. I rouse after about an hour or so and then I feel ill. That passes in another couple of hours and then I'm fine.

It happens just about every time I work out at the gym. I mentioned it to Dr. McCourt, but didn't get a reaction. Hmmmm....

It isn't going to stop me from going to the gym. I think next time I'll take an energy drink on the way home from the gym. I do drink the G2 in the car as soon as I leave the gym and I had a protein drink when I got home, but next I'll throw in the energy drink.

Yesterday was busy, after we finally dragged ourselves out of bed at 10 am...(THANK YOU BUBBLES). I made pancakes for breakfast, then cleaned upstairs, doing more laundry and changing sheets, vacuuming etc. Then I got in my exercise togs and went to the gym.

OH! Rocky got one of his squirrels yesterday! He is always "stalking" them, in a crouch and moving slowly, cat-like, and then he spends a looooooong time sitting five feet away from them, watching them eating sunflower seeds. We were beginning to think that he wasn't interested in catching them, just in stalking and watching them.


Sandy looks out and says, "Rocky has something out in the yard." I said, "glad this happened while YOU were home, and continued playing Cityville-I had rents to collect and crops to plant...important stuff.

She went out back with a big hunk of steak leftover from Friday night's supper. That got him. Thankfully. Usually he doesn't want to give up something that he has....he grabs it and runs away. What a mess that can be. He will drop things for Bubbles, but then we didn't want to have to use Bub in that way.

So, he coughed up the squirrel and Sandy was able to haul it away. WHEW!

It was a long time before the squirrels ventured back to the feeders.

Speaking of feeders, here's a list of birds spotted/heard in the yard so far this Spring:

Rose Breasted Grosbeaks
Northern Orioles
Wood Thrush
Mockingbird (haven't had one in the yard since we lived on Sunrise Street)
Two Scarlet Tanagers-buzzed through once...hope they return
Carolina Wrens are back in their houses
And the permanent residents are singing: sparrows, finches, cardinals, goldfinches, blue jays, starlings, downy and hairy woodpeckers, mourning doves, flickers and our resident hawk: the cooper's hawk who swoops through our yard to Cliff's and then to Mark's...very impressive.

We are planning a trip in the RV to New York in June, to an agility trial up there. The RV is still at the shop getting things done to it...they are trying to figure out how to install the switch we want that automatically turn the generator on should we lose power. They have never done this before and are "putting their minds to it."

Speaking of therapy....should I get a complex because that office STILL hasn't called me to set up an appointment? I'm going to go over there today en route to the studio. I want to see their faces when I tell them I've been waiting for three weeks! DOH!

I have lots of things to do now...more phone calls to make, got to do my Mortality Review stuff and email it off...can't go to meeting tomorrow, have to go to Putnam to take Bob to the eye doctor to get his new glasses. YAY! I'll get the financial info too so I can finally do that Westview Application and I'll take a box or two of his records home. He has all these boxes of old records up there and by records I mean the music kind. I have to look through them and catalogue I know how to dispose of them.

Oh, if you get the chance, check out The Borgias! The old episodes are available on "On Demand" and if you can, get it!

Deliciously Wicked!


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