Saturday, April 16, 2011

We brought the RV up to our house last night, after seeing Ryan's lacrosse team beat Fitch. Sandy drove the RV (in Friday night rush hour traffic) and I followed in my car. It was good experience for her.

I had trimmed a bit of the fruit tree by the driveway, but apparently, not enough. One branch caught the plastic clip for the slide-out awning and bent it a little. Sandy and her mother panicked about it, but I put it in perspective for them. In the scheme of life, it's nothing. Sandy fixed it today.

We are going to have to cut that tree down. I hate to lose it, but we do have another one just like it right behind this one. We can always plant another tree somewhere in the yard. If we cut this one down, we can park the RV in the existing driveway and if we do decide to make a driveway "pad" for the RV, it would be a lot easier to do with that tree gone.

Jean and Sandy went shopping at Walmart with a $100 gift certificate Sandy had won. They had their shopping list for the RV and came home with dog kennels (we have SO MANY FREAKIN' KENNELS); cleaning supplies; paper goods, tea kettle; cooking utensils; heavy duty extension cord for the RV power; white water hose for the RV....good deals.

Jean and Sandy raked leaves out front and I put the stuff away in the RV. Then I cleaned downstairs, including washing the floors. Good jobs, well done. Very satisfying. Now I'm watching the Red Sox beat Toronto. Nice.

Tomorrow we are going to Jean's for dinner--Taylor and Andrew will be there. It'll be good to see them again...and hear about Taylor's harrowing episode of getting stuck in the elevator at work (L&M). She was already paranoid about elevators...I'm sure this episode helped. She called Andrew to "talk her through it" until they rescued her.

Sox win! Nice catch by Mike Cameron to end it.

Hoping the weather improves so I can get out in the yard and clean out my gardens...stuff is coming up and the old, dead stuff is still on top. That's not good.

Oh, and I have to shop for next weekend's agility trial. I have to pick up the snacks for the volunteers, lots of bottles of water, apples, bananas, hard boiled eggs, etc.

And I have to plan our "menu" for next weekend, when we go on our first RV "trip." Can't wait!



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