Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Check out this deal: I go to Kohl's to buy a new Cuisinart coffee pot. First I check out ratings in Consumer way I can go wrong with a Cuisinart...they are the highest rated in every category...even the "Keurig-type" category....Keurig is actually WAAAAY down the list. Cuisinart is the tops.

But I digress:

I go to Kohl's and decide to upgrade my existing pot. I had the single serve, dispenser model. I opt for the double wall stainless steel carafe type. Cost $99.

BUT WAIT! This is KOHL'S I'm talking about....

So, it cost $99.99.
Sale price: $89.99
minus my 20% coupon
minus the 15% Senior discount I talk the girl into giving me
minus the $10 Kohl's dollars I got
the register spits out a manufacturer's rebate: $10 off!

So...original price was $99
my price: $44.86


I went up to get the CT scan done this AM, but really wondered if I was going to make it there, for several reasons. First, the first bottle of the CT scan drink went down smoothly, but then came out just as smoothly. Usually I don't have the runs like that until I come home from the test, but last time and this time, it hit before I even got out the door! I drink the second one en route and fortunately that one stuck until after I got back home, but that first one! WHOOO!

Also, it started POURING when I got on I-95...I mean POURING...and of course the idiots don't slow down at all. Well...sorry! I slow down! They were flying by me, spraying water up over my car! I almost pulled over at an exit and turned around...but no, I plowed on. Saw a good accident at the 95-295 merge....she ran that SUV right up into the woods! I'll bet she had the four wheel drive on and thought that would save her.

Then, when I got into Providence, the damned roads were FLOODED. I mean FLOODED! The water was right across the street and DEEP! And of course the idiots were speeding along, spraying water everywhere.

The CT scan was pretty uneventful after that....except that my vein was pushing so hard it forced the cap off and blood went all over the place. I didn't pay attention...just told her that something was "leaking" and laid back and closed my eyes. I let her clean it up.

Then I went to the main lab at the hospital to have my CA 125 test drawn. They were nice down there...HUGE improvement over the bitches in the outpatient lab at the chemo center. They had some trouble with the vein in my other arm...she said it was "gushing." Dunno why I have such good pressure today. Oh well.

I don't know if I was supposed to go get that special blood test done for the research study...but I deliberately avoided going over there and asking about it. I didn't want to have to deal with the bitches at all today. My little rebellion.

It must be Spring...I got the spring comforter down from the attic and switched it out. Sandy will be pleased when she realizes it. We have been very WARM at night lately.

Sox are in last place, but that will pass...I'm sure of it. WHISTLING....

Jessica is going to bail me out tomorrow...she'll bring a dog for the show and will be on with me, we'll bullshit for an hour. Should be fun!

I have to work on lining up more guests ahead of time!


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