Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy Smokes! I haven't been here in ages. Let me see....what has been going on?

Well, we had a wonderful week at Disney World. The accommodations were great, the weather was great (for the most part), the company (Sandy) was fabulous, the food was fantastic and all in all, it was a awesome vacation.

We went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios one day while we were there. Loved the butterbeer and am looking for a legitimate recipe for it. We don't know how the "head" on the mug lasted so long. The drink was drained to the bottom and yet there was still foam! Unbelievable.

It rained the day we went to HP....we waited over an hour (our longest ride wait of the whole trip) for the "castle" ride. Part of the line was in the downpour. I was so disappointed when we finally got onboard...it was one of those wild, twisting, stomach jarring things....I felt the nausea about a quarter of the way into the ride...when we were flipped on our back and twisted around violently. I closed my eyes, put my foot against Sandy's foot to give me some bearings and hoped for the best. I didn't puke, but it was damned close!

I did have the thought, "I've made it since 1986 and through chemo without puking and now I'm going to lose it on this damned ride?" Fortunately I made it out into the cool, clear air before that happened, but I needed Sandy to help me out!

We enjoyed meals at Disney--the French bistro for lunch of the best french onion soup and best quiche lorraine I have ever had; Canada for filet mignon and maple creme brulee; the Undersea place for some awesome seafood (I'll be damned if I can remember the name of the stuff I had...I'll think of it later, I'm sure)....we were seated right next to the gigantic fish tank and the fish were coming right up to us....fabulous! We even saw a sea turtle in there.

We ate at Emeril Legasse's place in Universal and we enjoyed that. We really ate well all week, it was tough to come home to our plain fare. Good thing we walked so much at Disney, otherwise we would have both gained ten pounds!

Oh we went to Typhoon Lagoon one day. It wasn't too crowded and we found a great place to lounge in the shade, close to everything we were interested in doing. We had fun on the water slides and the wave pool and of course, the "slow float." It was just right...nice and warm and not too humid.

We had a great buffet meal at Animal Kingdom and saw some great animals there....the best being the silver-backed gorilla and babies. The guy who drove our safari ride was a flaming queen and he was hysterical reading the script and camping it up...the tourists laughed and didn't even know what they were laughing about. We did.

While we were gone, Jean stayed here and took care of the dogs/cat/house for us. Of course Truman had to act up, going after Rocky and then Bubbles and got bit in the leg in the process. Jean had to take him to Ocean State (it was a Saturday) and he had to get shaved up again and put on antibiotics...again. What a guy!

Jean was also busy collecting items for the RV...from our house inventory; from her house inventory and from shopping. She proudly showed off the stuff when we got back. We have linens; utensils; dishware; pots and pans; cleaning supplies, even toilet paper! The place is really shaping up.

We are taking it up here this Friday....it will spend the week here as we get it ready for our first trip...next Friday to the Chester Fairgrounds for the SNEAK trial. We are getting so excited for this. Sandy even got the day off from work so we have a three day weekend.

We will be filling the water tanks, water heater and getting the septic system ready. Scary stuff.

I joined a RV online forum and am learning a lot from the folks there. Got an app for my iPhone so I can access the site while we travel and also downloaded an app that has checklists for taking off, setting up, preparing to leave and RV inspections...so much to remember!

Frank has been studying the manuals (as have we) and checking the RV and has come up with ideas for how we can do things easier. He also went out and bought us $100 worth of TOOLS! Fantastic!

I was able to watch the March Madness games (UConn) while we were in Florida and then of course, watched the FF games. I was disappointed for Maya that the women lost, but I wasn't surprised...I had seen how hard Notre Dame played them in the Big East tourney and I knew it wouldn't be easy for them. I was so happy for the guys though, it almost made up for the women's loss. I loved both teams this year...so much fun and so satisfying to have won the national championship.

I'm looking forward to seeing Maya play in the WNBA and I have no doubt that she will do well. Now the Sun have acquired Kalana Greene, one of my favorites...I think they are going to do great things this summer...can't wait!

I go tomorrow for my CT scan...first one since December. I'm a bit nervous about it, given how tired I have been lately, the pains I have felt in my abdomen off an on over the past few months--don't know if they are from the mesh for the hernia or if it's the cancer coming back. Well, I'll find out next week when I see the doctor to get the CT results and the blood work answers.

I haven't been to the gym much as I was getting so wiped out after I worked out. I did reduce my workout routine...and it was better, then we went to Disney. I think Disney wiped me out too...I came home and could hardly move! Getting better every day, so I hope to return to the gym this week, maybe Friday or on the weekend. The weekend I think...Friday is going to be busy.

OH! We went to see the Celts Friday...with Ryan. We had great seats, down low in the corner, just behind the Celts bench. Got to see the team up close as they came in and out of the tunnel from the locker room. Tommy Heinsohn walked right in front of me as did Mike Gorman...it was awesome! And, they won! Every time I have gone to see the Celts they have won. Wish I could say the same about my trips to Sox games....

Speaking of which, the Sox are mounting a comeback vs the Rays right now...I'm going to sign off and watch...

If you are out and about on Easter weekend, come down to the Chester Fairgrounds to see the dogs run agility and I'll give you a tour of the new RV!


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