Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Went to see Dr. DiSilvestro today. The nurse asked me how I was feeling...did I have any pains...of course that just served to ratchet up my anxiety...I'm thinking, "what does she know?"

Dr. D. ended up making us even more anxious...he took so long to come into the room, even Sandy was antsy about it!

When he did come in we got the great news....everything was FINE. Sandy and I had a big hug and then I asked, "are you sure? what did the report say?" To which Sandy got on me for "tempting fate." Later, when she was out of the room I did ask what my CA125 level was and he told me "3."

He is giving me a break for awhile. I don't have to go back until we come back from Disney, so I won't see him again until near the end of April. More good news!

After the appointment I drove down to the Crystal Mall to pick out eye glasses. I got some DKNY frames that were on sale at Lenscrafters, they are black frames, kind of squarish, but small and the interior of the frames and temples is highlights my eye color.

I got a good price on them because the frames were half-price and our insurance gave me 40% off the total price, so even though I got bi-focal, transition, light-weight lenses, I got the whole shebang for under $350! WOW!!!

The frames are going to be a major departure for me, who has worn gold metal frames for years. It's good to go with something new and funky. I used my iPhone to take a picture of me wearing the two frames I chose, so Sandy can see them.

I will be getting them in about 10 days. In time to show-off for Christmas. Audrey, Maria and I can have a eyeglass frame fashion show. Then we can compete for the Secretary of the Year Award.

So, life can settle down to a dull roar around here. I can continue to recuperate from the hernia surgery and look forward to joining a gym in January. We can have a nice, quiet Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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