Monday, November 29, 2010

Okay, I'm admitting that I'm getting more and more anxious as Wednesday and my Dr. D appt nears. I can't say I'm fully confident as I was last time I went, that I'm cancer-free now.

I've been getting tired easily lately and also having weird pains in my abdomen...hoping against hope that this is still related to the hernia surgery, but the pains are kind of lower in the abdomen for that.

Also had a dream last night about a guy who was diagnosed with cancer...I was encouraging him and telling him to get positive and determined. In the dream he and I were in the hospital at the same time and that's how I met him. Later in the dream, or a different dream, he was being released from the hospital and was cancer-free and a nurse told him that "of course, I (me) was going to die...but he was fine." WHAT???!!! What the HELL!!! Where is THAT coming from?!!!

Wednesday will tell.

Also in the dream was Mark Simon, who passed away this year, but in the dream he was very much alive and he and I were riding around in a big, fancy car, taking someone for a ride past the "old instititution" that still had lots of people living there and we were all irate about that.

I have no idea where my dreams come from lately, I think it's the meds.

We went to the Dazzle Light Parade last night with Mary Anne and had a great time. We got to her house before 4Pm and established our spot in Rotary Park, across from the telephone company before 4:30...the place was filling up fast. We had chairs, a space blanket I bought at the AKC cluster on Saturday and four blankets. I was bundled up in my down jacket (with balaclava and down hood on my head); and my LL Bean fleece-lined jeans. I look bulky, but I was warm! The parade was cool...they had 130 entrants, lots of floats, dogs walking, including the ever-present Newfie Club....they even had cows walking in the parade! Saw Mike Brodeur and Russ with the Danielson BPOE and Rachael Johnston walking with some group.

I don't know what is more fun, watching the parade, or being in it. I think being in it is more fun, because we would dance, sing and holler out to people we knew in the crowd. I wish we had a float in the parade this year. Maybe we can get something going next year.

Got word today that Russ' dog, Kelly, passed away. I have no idea what happened, she was so young! She had just injured her leg and had surgery for torn MCL or ACL...I forget which. And now she's gone. So sad.

Well..I have to get ready to go to the studio to help the Baton Boys. Tomorrow I go to work for training and then to see Dr. Sansone. I'm going to give her a big hug for curing me of the "shits." It's been a long time since I have been "regular" and I'm loving it! I sleep most of the night now and I'm not always having to think about going to the bathroom whenever I go out to's wonderful.

So, she gets a hug. And hopefully, so does Dr. DiSilvestro when I see him Wednesday afternoon, which brings us full circle for this I'll sign off.


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