Friday, December 24, 2010

The hectic scene is over, for a few hours anyway. Tonight it begins again, with a trip to North Grosvenordale to Phil and Renees for Christmas Eve, tomorrow we have Christmas with Frank and Jean at our house and then we go to their house Sunday AM, for Christmas with Taylor, Ryan and Andrew.

I got all my gifts wrapped yesterday and good thing, I didn't realize Sandy was off today! It would have been awkward wrapping her gifts while she was home.

That's good news...and more good news I got yesterday was a note from the Retirement Commission telling me that they finished the audit of my pay records and they owe me money! Not a whole lot, but I get a nice little lump sum payment. Most of it will go to taxes, but still....a nice gift anyway!

I didn't get cards sent off to the masses this year....I cheated and sent cards to those who had already sent cards to us....only to get more cards from folks AFTER I sent cards it's too late for them to get cards before Christmas. Oh well, you know what? I'm not stressing over it.
Thanks to Lexapro.....heh heh...

I have been so tired lately...well, maybe I should say...still. I wake up at 5:30 when Sandy's alarm goes off, fall back to sleep, wake up when Sandy comes up to shower, fall back to sleep, wake up when Sandy goes off to work, fall back to sleep, wake up when Truman whines to go out, get him back in bed, fall back to sleep and then get up when the dogs get restless...usually around 9:30.

I putz around the house and on the computer, read the paper, eat my breakfast and putz around doing chores...have my lunch and then the pups want me to sit in the recliner so they can get on my lap and take a nap. I usually give in to them around 2:30 and then I end up napping myself for about an hour.

Maybe I'm still catching up on all the sleep I missed this year while I was up at night, sitting on the potty. Thank goodness that shit has ceased, pardon the pun.

I filled Sandy's stocking yesterday and ironically it was Truman, who's vision is decreasing, who spotted the items bulging out the sides. He started whining about it last night. He's convinced that either the items are for him, or that his stocking has stuff in it too. That little crud...he is so smart. He remembers that the stockings have goodies in them. Sandy put their toys in the guest room and we have a gate at the door, to keep them from going in there. I'm surprised he hasn't figured that out and isn't up there whining and barking at the door!

Maybe I'm sorry we got this new tv with surround sound. I always wanted a surround sound system. I knew Sandy would love it for her movies. Well, right now I'm being deafened by the sounds coming out of "Prince of Persia," which she is watching while she has her tea and snuggles with her dogs. All except Bubbles, of course, who can't stand the sound, like me!

Oh well...time to go harvest some crops and build a school in my new addiction, Cityville!

Merry Christmas!

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