Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

It's the NEW YEAR! Ho-hum....jaded. I've seen so many of them in my lifetime.

We did have fun New Year's Eve, joining the "Js" at their house, along with Brandon. We played "Cranium" as usual and laughed a lot. Good eats too.

But before the New Year's Eve festivities, we did have to endure watching our beloved Huskies getting their asses handed to them by the Stanford Cardinal....just as I feared. Actually, I thought the game would be closer, but I did think the Huskies would lose.

The streak is broken at 90, a nice even number to remember. I don't think any team will beat that least not in my lifetime. Wait, maybe that's not saying much....HA HA!

Went to Putnam a few times last week, to settle some of Bob's affairs for him. I turned in his license plates so we don't have to worry about that any more. He signed the car over to Phil and I wrote up a letter for him to sign, authorizing Lindsay to get the LJ 78 vanity plate that has been on the family cars since...well...1978!!!

Now I just have to contact the Putnam Town Assessor to get the car off the tax rolls, although the car is 10 years much can the taxes be on it? Wini was most interested in dropping the insurance on the car. I hope they had only been paying liability, not collision on it.

Bob asked me to be his conservator or whatever it is, some time ago, so I feel responsible for getting these things done, and I don't mind it. I don't think my siblings understand how much he is debilitated by his memory loss, he is so good at covering it up.

He and I had a talk over the kitchen table the other day and he told me that he isn't afraid to die. I told him I felt the same. We talked about how much he has accomplished in his life. I told him that what he is experiencing with his memory is normal and he should try to not get upset about it...go with the flow.

He said that he believes that people like him...that he likes people and has always felt that way. He has tried to do things in a "nice way" so that people would like him. This is very important to him. I reassured him that people loved him and that he had done the right thing. He got a little misty eyed.

He also told me that he will probably go to live at Westview later. This doesn't bother him, he thinks the people are nice and the management of the place knows how to run a good place. He sees the residents sitting out on the patio and "they are not fighting or yelling at each other, they are talking to each other."

He is preparing himself. Smart. He is a remarkable man.

I have tried to pattern myself after him, with limited success. I'm not as patient as he is; I have the sharp, acid tongue of my mother, but I have tried to be honest as both of my parents, hard-working like they and do good for the community like my father.

So today we watch the Pats play the Dolphins and we hope that none of them gets injured. I don't like it that the starters are playing. I think Brady should ride the pine today.

Oh, resolutions?? I don't do them. I do goals though....and my goal has first and foremost been to get back in the gym. I am cleared to do so now, so I'll go check out the two choices and make my decision.

I also have a goal of cooking more homemade meals, especially crockpot cooking. Tomorrow's grocery list will reflect chili and soup recipes, to start.



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Carol said...

I have to say you are doing a great job with your Dad. I know first hand how difficult your situation is and hope your family appreciates all that you do.