Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yesterday was a great day! Best I've felt in ages! I went out on my own in the car for the first time since my surgery and it was great to be behind the wheel.

Saw Dr. Galan and got my prescriptions refilled. Saw Kathleen in the hall while I was there, she was very happy to see my hernia was gone. So am I.

Made an appointment at the Comcast Studio to meet with Ellen this afternoon about getting the show back on the air. Very excited about that. I called Janet today and asked her to be a co-host with me...I think she would be good for keeping it light and funny. Maybe I'll rotate's more fun that way...I mean having a co-host is more fun than doing it alone.

Then I made an appointment to get my hair done after my Ellen appt. So today will be busy.

Sat in the parking lot at the studio and had a long chat with Katie on the phone. She and the kids are so into the BMX racing and I am so happy for all of them. Timmy's Dad finally "got the picture" and is going to help financially so Timmy can get a bike and equipment. This is so good for Timmy...when he's with his Dad all they do is play video games...Katie does a good job of making him get up and out when he's with she's got him turned on to BMX and that is a wonderful thing.

Even Little Lera wants in on the act. She says she is going to do it when she gets bigger. Katie is going to get her a big wheel so she can compete in the big wheel races now.

Meanwhile, my Mariah keeps on improving...listening to her coaches. She's gathering the points now, moving up on the list. She told her Mom she only wants BMX stuff for Christmas! It's so good for her confidence and her health. She's learning great life lessons, like sticking to it to the end...keep on peddling! She's doing good in school too and I think BMX has a bit to do with that.

It's good for Katie too..we talked about the "natural high" one gets from being there and cheering. She gets so animated when she talks about it...haven't heard her this excited about something in a long time. AND, she's getting to be around other really nice's all good.

I've downloaded like a zillion songs into my new iPhone...I'm all set for awhile! I've been downloading music into the computer as I eat lunch, watch tv, etc. I'm into a routine now.

Thinking....just at the preliminary stage now....about setting up a web page on my Mac. They give you lots of space....and part of the space is a blog set-up. I may MAY...move this whole blog over to that. If I do, I'll give plenty of notice. It would be easier for me to upload pictures, make changes in the appearance of the thing, post videos, etc. We'll see. I have to fool around with it for awhile until I get it right.

Worried about my old friend Susie, who just had a pacemaker installed at UMass....she's still there. Sue has a "weird heart"....I think when they discovered it years ago there were only five people in the world who had a heart like hers...or something like that. It's either upside down or backwards, I can't remember least that's how she explained it to me at the time.

Sue is a wonderful person...she lives every day like it's her last...probably because they told her she'd never make it past 27. She has traveled the world and recently retired after a long career of teaching reading. I don't know anyone who is a more vociferous reader. She's read them all.

I'm keeping her in my thoughts and hoping for a good outcome with this surgery. She's had enough worries....

Also, Saturday we have the services for my old friend, Vivian who passed away in Florida a few weeks back. Rachel is bringing her ashes home and we are all getting together to remember Vee. So many good memories, so many laughs, I remember them all. I just wish I had gone to see her when we were in Tampa last fall after the cruise...but I didn't have the energy then.

Vee was my French teacher at Putnam Grammar School and then again for a year in high school. After I graduated high school and was at Annhurst, we became friends and stayed friends for the rest of our lives. I lost track of her for awhile, but saw her again a few years back at her nephew's funeral. We reestablished contact and have kept up through email....even though it was Rachel who was doing the email because Viv didn't use the computer....typical.

I will never forget her....that laugh, that smile...that prematurely gray hair! RIP...

Busy day ahead...


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