Monday, November 8, 2010

Been a quiet week, spent recuperating, mainly. Trying to lay low and be quiet. Not always succeeding. Things have been sore, especially a certain spot in my lower left quadrant....which has been beyond sore.

Today I feel the best I've felt in a long time. I do have a weird sensation in the area where the mesh is. I wonder if it's the sensation one gets when one's abdominal tissues are working their way through the mesh. That's what SHOULD be going on now.

The Fed Ex guy came to the door today to deliver a package. I instinctively took it as he handed it to me...only to realize that it weighed more than I should be carrying....20 lbs. OOPS! I didn't feel anything pop though. Good thing.

Had a good day yesterday, even if the Pats lost miserably. Taylor and Andrew came up for dinner, arriving first. Later Jean, Frank and Ryan arrived and we had a great meal of steak, cheesy potatoes, salad and sliced cukes. Oh...and fried onions. All of these are Andrew's favorites.

It was Andrew's first visit to our house, so we were quite excited. He loved the house and toured all around....he especially loved the work benches and the garage. Guys....

Tomorrow I see Dr. Galan...first time I've seen her in ages....I usually see Kathleen the APRN, but she's on vacation I guess. On Thursday I go to New Haven to see Dr. Valin for follow-up. I think that will go good. I'm hoping to have enough left in my tank to make a trip to Ikea on the way out of town.

Husky season starts up soon and I can't wait. We have a lot of excitement to look forward to this season...watching the freshman grow, seeing if they can continue their unbeaten streak and, of course, we are slated to go to New York to see them play at Madison Square Garden on 12/19.

Okay, back to reclining....


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