Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To the studio yesterday to help the Baton's. Arte is a dirty old man, making growling noises at me and talking about the "tattoo she has on her back" on the air. I don't have any damned tattoo on my back. Why does it bother me that the "Yahoos" who watch their show might think he's seen my back?

Ick.......it makes me sick to think about it.

George is always the gentleman though and I had a good time bantering on the camera mike with Guy and Gary in the control room. They have a healthy disdain for everything Arte too.

Today I had to rise and shine early to get up the Providence for the CT Scan. They took me in early which was nice. They had some problems getting the fluids to go into my vein...they had to wiggle the needle around a bit and were all concerned that it might hurt me. PLEASE! That is NOTHING compared to other stuff. Anyway, it finally worked, albeit slowly and they got the tests done.

Then I had to head over to my favorite place, the lab....to get my CA 125 and the new test done. I had to ask for Colleen or Cindy, as they had to escort me to the drawing station and wait for the blood to send the test in. A woman came out and started telling me what to do. I had to ask her name....it was Colleen! Why the hell can't these idiots introduce themselves? STUPIDOS as my mother would say. I get so sick of it.

Colleen came with me to the drawing station and stood by in the hall. I was civil to the woman in the drawing station as I always am. Civil and nothing more...ever since that woman yelled at me there I don't give them even a smile.

I noted that the chemo center is in their new site on the first floor, where they supposedly have more room and a better lay-out. All I could think of when I saw the sign on the door was that I hope I never have to go through those doors!

Came home and cleaned downstairs and am now taking a break, playing on the computer. Next up, cleaning a bit upstairs and then a nap.

We are having a closing on our house tonight, right at our dining room table. We are refinancing at a lower interest rate, a move that will shave about $300 off our mortgage payments a month. Not too bad. We'll be sure to pour that money back into the marketplace to help boost the nation's economy. Actually, before we do that, we will be putting six months of mortgage payments in savings, just in case of a really rainy day!

We'll see how long that resolution lasts.

Maureen Cedio is quitting smoking and I told her she needs to walk with me. So, hopefully we will start tomorrow as long as I get out of bed in time and it isn't raining! We will start slow and will take Rocky with us. I'm looking forward to it.

I can't believe the job Sandy and Jean did out back....the yard looks totally different! They have ripped up all the brush and junk out there. You can see all the way back to the fence now and all the way around the yard. There are new areas for us to use for different activities...maybe another water feature, maybe a bigger fire pit.....maybe put a swing out there, things like that. I took some pictures with my phone, I'll get the camera out and document what they did.

Of course, Sandy went out and raked for an hour the other day when she got home and didn't use the Dawn when she showered and of course, she got wicked poison ivy! I put a bottle of Dawn in the shower last Spring as I was sick of her getting poison ivy and moaning about it...although I have to admit she gets it really bad...if I had rashes like that I'd be doing more than moaning...

I always have to remind her to use the Dawn...but she had been getting good at remembering. She admits that this last time she didn't use it because she didn't think anything would happen....now she knows.

Jean gets bad ivy rashes too...must run in the family. They will be glad when I'm able to get out there and rake and pull up stuff like I used to do...spare them the pain.

Well...it's time to get upstairs and clean a little. I did the laundry yesterday so that's all taken care of....now it's vacuuming and sink cleaning time. Then I crawl under that new down comforter and nap.....yay!


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