Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh, I'm a happy camper today! For those of you who hate sports, stop reading now.

Last night, true Husky fan that I am, I laid in bed with the TV on, sound turned off, and watched the Huskies (guys) beat Kentucky in the Maui tournament...while Sandy snored on the other side of the bed.

I am so happy with this team. They are truly a TEAM...finally. No prima donnas, just guys working together, helping each other out, having fun and WINNING! So good to have the real Huskies back.

We went to Jean's last night for our first turkey dinner, today we have the second one at Rhonda's, where we will see Roxie and the kids. YAY!

Lots of fun last night. Neil and Debbie joined us this year, along with Taylor and Andrew and Ryan. We haven't had Deb to the house in ages and Neil had never been there. We laughed a lot, especially over Sandy's "Talking Tom" iPhone app, which Neil got the biggest kick out of....he immediately downloaded it to his phone to play with today.

Neil introduced me to a great diet They have an iPhone app, which I downloaded and started using right away to chart my food intake and exercise for the day. It's cool.

Yesterday I actually consumed less calories that I needed to have. I took a half hour brisk walk with the dogs and that put me under calories, despite the fact I had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc and chocolate cream pie! Interestingly, the chocolate cream pie was a lot less calories than I thought it would be!

So, I'm going to keep tracking this stuff, because it's easy and because that's what "they" say you should do when you are trying to lose/maintain weight. One of the best things you can do when you are on a diet is to track what you are eating....when you are aware of the calories you are taking in, you can make better informed decisions about what to put in your pie-hole. HAR HAR.

Sandy is complaining about how slow her computer is and I'm sitting here happily typing away on my Mac....guess what I told her.

Carol is still sick with the stomach thing and Landry is still alive, but having more and more trouble with the cough and not eating. She had corn flakes for breakfast. They give her whatever she wants...but some days she doesn't want anything. We are hoping that she doesn't die on Thanksgiving...that would ruin Thanksgiving for them for forever.

I can't imagine being sick and having to deal with having my dog dying at the same time. It's so sad....but just when we think Landry isn't going to make it through the day or night, she surprises us. Who knows?

I'm going to stop by Frog Rock today en route to Rhonda's...I'll pose with the Big Guy and have Sandy take my picture. There is a Frog Rock Facebook page and I'll post it there. They are looking for shots. I'll have to think of something funny or obscene to do with The Rock....maybe both.

Tomorrow I rest up....getting ready for Saturday. We head up to the Big E to the AKC dog show...conformation, agility and loads of vendors. We try to go every year and I always spend loads of money. I'll probably do the same this year...YAY!!! Jess is going with us and I forget who else, should be a good time. We'll see lots of folks and doggies from SNEAK and get to cheer them on in agility.

Sunday we are heading to Putnam, all bundled up for the cold, to see the Holiday Dazzle Light Parade, with Mary Anne. First time I've been a spectator at the parade, I've been in it with the folks from Dempsey for three years. Sandy has never seen the parade, period. It's a great parade....I heard they have about 120+ entries in the parade....should be a great one!

We will probably freeze our butts off, but it will be worth it! It is a fabulous parade.

Busy week next week, with training at work, visit to Dr. Sansone and the CRITICAL visit with Dr. DiSilvestro...the one I'm really looking forward to....

I'm hoping that the bowel distress I've been having the past couple of days is linked to the CT scan "beverage" and disappears soon. Dr. Sansone would have cured me then. If not, maybe that "beverage" is a key to my ongoing problems.

The trip to Dr. Di is critical because it is the source of a lot of my anxiety....I'm hoping that I come through with flying colors....clean CT scan and low CA125 level. It will get me through December, January and February....for the first time since 2008, without surgery or chemo!

I'm keeping lots of positive thoughts about this, but some sharp pains in my abdomen, which are reminiscent to those I felt before and after the cancer diagnosis, has caused some anxiety. I'm hoping that these pains are associated with the hernia...which is the best likelihood....but I have to be realistic too. It COULD be the cancer coming back.

We will find out on Wednesday.

In the is afoot!


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