Sunday, November 21, 2010

Been a busy week. Tuesday night Jere, Janet, Jess and Jo-Anne came over to watch the game with us...what a game it was! Right down to the wire baby! It was so exciting! I was so happy to see the freshmen and Heather Buck step up big time in this bodes well for the future.

Worked around the house on Wednesday and took it easy. On Thursday I had to bring the dogs down to Sandy at work as they had vet appts in the afternoon and then we went out to their PT appointments from there. All are doing well and I got a good picture of Rocky in the treadmill at PT and posted it on Facebook.

Friday Sandy was off from work to get stuff done in the yard. I had an eye appointment in the morning with Dr. McKay. Found out that I have cataracts growing in both eyes. Figures. I'm a Miller and the Millers have cataracts. I'll be going to pick out new frames next week I guess.
I think I'm going to get away from the metal frames for awhile...the trend right now is to go with horned rims or colors, like when I was in high school. As my mother always said, "wait and it becomes fashionable again."

Friday night Charmine and Pat came over and we drove out to Foxwoods for the Kathy Griffin show. We met up with Jean and Dorothy and all went to California Kitchen for dinner. Good meals.

The show was fabulous....I wore my belly band and held myself when I was laughing...but I still felt like I busted a few stitches. After the show I bought some KG "merch" and thought I put my wallet in my purse. I caught up with Sandy, Charmine and Pat and we headed to get some gelatos on our way out. When we got there, my wallet was missing!

I went back and talked to a Security Guard, he directed me to the Security center and I told them what happened. Just then the doors to the theater opened up and all the security guards who had been working the show of them was carrying my wallet! AM I LUCKY OR WHAT???!!! That's the second time I've lost that wallet in a public place and both times I've gotten it back, with everything in it!! That never happens!

I better not lose it again.

Yesterday I went up to Lisa and Drew's house...found out they live in Colchester, very close to Charmine and Pat! I thought they lived in Cobalt! Anyway, I met them and drove up to Erin's game with Lisa and her grand daughter, Kylee. We went up to Western New England College in Springfield, where Erin's team was playing MIT.

MIT won, but Erin played well. She had 17 points for the game. I feel for her...she was such a great player in AAU and high school, and then tore her ACL twice and lost her dream of playing Div 1 ball. She plays for Wilkes College in PA, a good academic school. She's majoring in pre-med and wants to go into physical therapy....a great career.

After the game we went back to the house and the whole team joined us there for supper. I couldn't really enjoy myself too much, because I had BAD GAS....I had to keep running to the bathroom. Finally I felt like I was going to blow up, so I bid adieu and headed home, ripping off the farts the whole way....

When I got home I felt so sick, I crawled into bed despite the fact it was only 7pm and watched the Huskies play Syracuse in football. Great game that took my mind off my sick stomach.

Feel much better today. Sandy is off watching Ryan play in four lacrosse games. I'm home with the dogs, watching the Huskies and doing chores. Truman ate most of my french toast breakfast this morning....which was good because it probably was too much for me to eat anyway. I have to cut my portions in half nowadays and am still not used to that.

Tomorrow I go help the Baton Boys at the studio, Tuesday is my next CT scan and blood tests and Wednesday we go to Jean's for early Thanksgiving. Thursday we'll be up at Rhonda's with Roxie and the kids for turkey...we get to see them again.

So we have a busy week ahead....I like that!



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