Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sandy is vindicated

Sandy told me I must be smoking the whacky weed to think that she doesn't want to go with me to NH when I have surgery and she will pick me up! So, I don't need rides after all.

Glad I got that cleared up!

I went for my CT scan today and forgot to bring my second bottle of that wonderful drink you have to down before the test. Actually the first bottle was a new flavor, banana, and it was pretty good. The second bottle was mocchachino or something like that and I got half way to Providence before I realized I left it in the fridge. I debated going back to get it but I would have been late. I took a chance they would figure something out...they did and I got a mocchachino to down in the waiting room. My test was only delayed by fifteen minutes.

The tech was really nice (they always are...but this one went over and beyond) and gave me a big hint, I think, that my test results looked good. She said, "we love it when everything comes out good," as she was unhooking my IV and getting me up from the table.

Everyone there was EXTRA nice to me today. I jokingly asked Sandy via text message, if it was because my name has a big asterisk after it in the charts, now that I have filed complaints about various people. I don't think so...but it makes you wonder. Anyway, it was very nice there today.

Came home and called my old Army buddy, Ivory Irvin, of Master Irvin's House of Discipline in Shreveport LA. It's not what it sounds, people....he runs a Tae Kwan Do place down there. He is so good at this. He's the one who jumped over four people who were lined up on their hands and knees and kicked a piece of cardboard out of my hands as I sat up on Henry Ball's shoulders....a good six feet + up! He has the picture that Barry Farber took of the moment and will send me a copy.

I haven't spoken to Ivory since Katie was a little girl and we still lived on Fremont Street. It was so great to hear his voice and to chat with him. I always loved him and knew that he would do good in this world...there was just something about him. Well, he retired from the military as a Major and teaches ROTC in an inner city high school and runs his do-jo. He is also in a musical group and plays the saxophone...they have released some cds and he's going to send them to me.

He was very excited to hear from me and ecstatic when I told him I could put him in touch with two other old buddies, Velma and Diana. I got their addresses and phone numbers and emailed them to him.

I love finding old friends on the internet...Facebook has been exceptionally good for this. Finding old Army buddies is the best....the bonds we formed working together in that clinic are something I can't share with other friends or family. It's special to talk to an Army buddy.

Now I hope we can arrange some kind of reunion at Ft Jackson so we can all see each other. I have to get to work on that one.


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