Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big weekend, starting Friday. My coach, Pam Childs, came over in the late AM and we hitched the dogs up and took them for a little walk in the neighborhood. It was rather warm and I can't walk too far, so we kept it short. Then I had a lite lunch and Pam had something to drink and she headed home...but first she told me to take a nap.

I didn't think I would take a nap, but then I said, "she's the coach, I have to do as she says." So I laid down on the bed and slept soundly for two hours. Guess the coach was right! Then I got up, fed the dogs, got my stuff together and went off with Sandy to Waterford to watch Ryan play in a lacrosse game.

First time I've ever seen lacrosse played. Ryan is a freshman, but already he's on the varsity team. His team got their asses whupped, but he did some good things in the game. I don't understand all of it, but from what I can see, he's valuable when the ball is loose on the field...he's great at fighting for possession.

We were FREEZING at the game...the wind was blowing and really making it quite cold out there...still it was great being outside and feeling the wind and the cold.

After the game we went for ice cream...believe it or not. Got a little sundae at Friendly's in Norwich on the way home. Then we swung by the grocery store and bought two big bunches of that is pretty ripe and one that is green.

This is my new thing...eating bananas. I get up every AM around 7 and go downstairs and get a banana. I come back up to bed and eat my banana. Then I have a second banana in the evening sometime after dinner. I think it has been helping a bit with my bowel situation. So, we go through a lot of bananas Sandy has been eating them too.

I hit the hay almost as soon as we got home...I was beat. Of course, bananas or no bananas, my system dictated that I get up about seven times that night! And in between, I had trouble falling asleep. So, it felt like I got very little sleep.

Yesterday I got up, had breakfast and got myself ready to tag along with Sandy, Frank and Ryan, who were going golfing (a birthday promise to Frank) at Chanticleer in Colchester. I had a ball riding in the cart, critiquing and texting Taylor, who was at home with a possible sinus infection. I also chatted on the phone with my cousin Fran who is safely back home in South Carolina after her visit to Putnam last week. Later I called Charmine, to check on how she's doing (she has asthmatic bronchitis) and we talked about making plans to get together with Karen some time soon.

After golfing we all went to Harry's for supper. We had the cheeseburgers of course, but I promised myself that the next time I'll try something new. They had a sign there that amazed said that they are celebrating their 90th anniversary! WOW!! That's a lot of cheeseburgers! Wait, did they even have cheeseburgers 90 years ago?

I finished reading my first book on Kindle last night. Denise author I love. She's from Scotland and writes kind of detective novels about a different world...the world of Scotland and environs. I had bought two of her books on the Kindle the other night and marveled at how they were downloaded on the Kindle within two minutes of me confirming that "yes" I wanted to order them. Instant gratification.

After I finished the book, we watched an episode of "What Not to Wear," one of our favorite shows and then I crashed. I was so pooped. And, for once, my bowels cooperated and I didn't have get up and go to the bathroom every half hour.

Good thing, because this morning Fran Johnson came over for a visit. Haven't seen Frannie in years and it was so good to visit with her today. Carol came over too, bringing fresh eggs from her brother in law's hens. Yum. We all chatted over coffee and then both of them had to go.

Sandy is out mowing the lawn, one of her favorite things to do and I'm typing this and watching the Sox. My buddy Timmy is on the mound. Sox are far.

It's been a great weekend.

Next week I weed out front, replant my tomato seedlings and my herb and salsa gardens. That should keep me busy! The weeds have been growing like, well, like weeds!

And hopefully Charmine, Karen and I can get-together.



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