Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, I've had some busy days...going out Friday and yesterday.

Friday I had to get my bloodwork done. They had told me that I had to go to central registration at Backus in order to get my bloodwork done. So I traipsed over there and tried to register. They couldn't find my standing orders. I mentioned that I usually go to the MOB blood draw station...they said, "oh they must have them there."

Then I asked, "don't I have to come here before I can go to MOB to get my blood drawn?" They said NO! They didn't pull the registrar from MOB! DOH! They hadn't communicated properly to the MOB people...figures!

So I schlep over to MOB and get my blood drawn. What a relief to know that I can still go there and don't have to go to the main hospital first! WHEW!!! Of course, I don't have to go that many more times...but who knows? I don't want to jinx myself by being too cocky!

After I had my blood work done I went to Doc's Barbecue and got the pulled pork this time. It was good, but not great. It was mushy and had some hard bits of gristle in it. I'll try the ribs the next time, before I issue a final verdict. The people there are friendly. I'm hoping that things improve a bit. The food isn't bad...just not fantastic.

Yesterday I went to Lynne's to meet Franklin, the new addition to the family. Franklin is a two year old (maybe) bassett hound-labrador mix. They call them "bassadors" so David came up with the idea to name the dog after a famous ambassador. They chose Franklin, for Ben Franklin. I love the name....and I love Franklin. He is so sweet, he looks like a small yellow lab with a hound face (and ears). So cute!

I got to meet Lynne's friend Terry, whose name I have heard for years, but have never met. She was there too and we had a nice, brief visit. Then I felt myself starting to fade, so I hopped in the car, came home and crashed with a two hour nap.

Today Janet and Barry came over in the AM to bring me a clipping from yesterday's Norwich Bulletin, Wini was honored as the Newsmaker of the Day, for her recent award for 25 years of service as a docent at the Pink House. They had a nice picture of her and a nice write-up about her career in education and mentioned that she is married to Bob Miller. Nice.

Then Anne Masterson came over to pick up the two big boxes and one big bag of books that I'm donating to the Otis Library book sale, being held next weekend. Bummer, I can't go as I'm hoping to have chemo on Friday. Last year I went and got a lot of great books. If you go, bring bags to haul your loot away!

Now I just finished watching the Sox beat the Royals and flipping back and forth between them and the Masters tournament. I love this time of year! Jacoby got hurt in the ninth inning...he got kneed in the chest---hoping that it's a bruise and not a broken rib. He left the game clutching his chest and looking pained.

I have shepherd's pie cooking in the oven. It should be done about now, so I'll sign off and get the plates out. I'll say:

Nighty night!

Oh! "Treme" starts tonight on HBO. I've got it all set to record all episodes and will report here on how it is. I loved "Homicide Life on the Streets" and "The Wire" the two shows that these guys have put on before. "Treme" is about post flood New Orleans....can't wait to see it.

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