Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy day again today! Sandy worked last night, so I snuck out of bed at 10:30, took a shower and started the day, lounging in the chaise out in the back yard (the deck was still off-limits due to the Thompson's Water Seal)sipping my protein shake and reading The Day.

Oh, Bubbles always gets me up in the AM....she climbs up from under the covers and bounces off my chest (almost always managing to launch herself from the port I have installed in my chest), then she gets a toy in her mouth and walks up and down me while making these weird little moaning, whimpering noises.

Of course, once I get up and start getting dressed, she goes back to bed!

I fall for it every day...and today was no exception.

Anyway, when Sandy got up we headed up to Colchester to have her car serviced. I didn't think I would make it, I was so tired as we were leaving. However, Sandy gave me a jolt of adrenalin when she almost ran into the back of a car while we were getting near the highway. She said she did it on purpose to give me the jolt. I don't know, but it does seem that I perked up after that incident!

After the car was done we went to Harry's for cheeseburgers. Delicious!

When we were coming home, we saw that the Young Marines were handing out flags, for the funeral procession for Kyle Griffin, who was killed in Afghanistan, and whose funeral is today. Sandy and I went home, I tossed on nicer clothes, got some flags and went down to RTE 138. At first there was just a handful of us and as we waited, more and more people from the neighborhood came down. I took lots of pictures and will post them on my Facebook page.

There were loads of state police cars escorting the funeral procession, and the Freedom Riders were there...maybe close to 100 motorcycles. It was very touching.

Frank and Jean came up to watch the dogs (so Lily didn't have to go in the kennel) while we were in Colchester. Frank fixed the lights out by the garden pond. He also put up the new huge umbrella that Jean bought us for the's a ten foot umbrella on a stand that sits in the corner of the's more like a canopy! AWESOME!!! Can't wait to use it this summer when it gets so damned hot out there.

Now I'm pretty pooped. Will watch some of my recorded shows, "Pacific" probably and then I'm hitting the hay early. Tomorrow I'm going to try to vacuum around here and be of some use.

Nighty night!

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